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  • August 21, 2016
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Handling Rejections:

Life is not all bed of roses. You have to face discouragement, rejection and ridicule at every step of the way; especially if your vision is too grand for others to understand. You would know this if you have ever tried to communicate your vision and ideas to those who do not understand.

If you go back and read the pages of the book of success of anybody in history, almost every alternative page will have a story of how they were ridiculed and rejected. Rejection is not a once in a while phenomenon on the path of success; it is almost as certain as the mile stones you find on your journey.

There is very little success for the one who has not identified the fact that rejection is common and he has to accept it as a part of his experience of life. Rejection is one of the most important reasons why people give up. If only one can understand rejection and make it a part of their lives, success is never too far away.

So what is rejection? How do we overcome it?

Rejection in the most simplistic sense is just a difference of opinion. If someone has rejected your way of life, it simply means that they have a different opinion. Rejection almost always comes in the form of disagreement. When two people disagree, it means that they have rejected the possibility of accepting each other’s opinions.

Maturity gained through experience will teach you that each and every person is an island of separate ideas, visions and opinions. There is nothing to be surprised about if someone rejects your ideas, in fact you should be surprised if someone readily agrees to everything you say.

A person is a collection of everything he has experienced in his life. What he has experienced is all he knows and that is all he can firmly believe in. It takes a lot of maturity to understand that each person is different and they are entitled to their own opinion, even if it means rejection.

This is where people of great vision spend enormous amounts of time communicating their visions and ideas when they are working with people. Leaders don’t simply push people to action; they share their vision to make it a part of everybody’s reality. Great visionaries and leaders know that unless their ideas are expressed clearly they will face nothing but rejection.

So if you are faced with a rejection, know that there is nothing extraordinarily significant about it. It simply means that you have not spent enough time communicating your ideas; there is just a difference of opinion, that’s all. All these also apply to you. When you have not communicated your ideas, visions and way of life to yourself clearly; you will constantly be fighting with yourself. Anyway, it is infinitely better to be rejected by someone else than by yourself!

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