IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [25th Aug]: UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]

  • August 25, 2016
  • 13
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IASbaba’s TLP 2016, 25th Aug

UPSC Mains ‘High Order Thinking [HOT]’ GS Questions


Today instead of 3, we are providing 5 questions on Geography. It is to ensure that you cover as much ground as possible in the TLP itself. Questions 1, 2 and 3, 6 and 7 will be reviewed by us. Questions 4 and 5 are for your practice and peer review only.

1. The polar regions are characterized by a typical optical phenomenon. Identify this phenomenon and explain its mechanism. What are the common names given to this phenomenon? Also discuss its impacts.

2. What is a cloudburst? Discuss the essential conditions that can trigger a cloudburst. What adverse impacts can it have on landforms and man made structures? Explain.

3. What is an air mass? What are the essential conditions for the formation of an air mass? How does the passage of an air mass affect the weather conditions of a place. Explain by taking an example.

4. Somali is perhaps the only region close to the equator that has dry climatic conditions. Discuss the factors that cause this anomaly. (Hint: Think in terms of ocean currents, elevation of Somalian plateau, direction of south west monsoon etc)

5. The African continent is affected by a number of local winds. Identify at least three of them. Discuss their properties and also explain the changes that they bring to the regions through which they pass.

6. The Rajya Sabha recently passed the Mental Healthcare Bill. What was the need of having a law relating to people having mental illness? Have the provisions of the law tried to address the pressing issues being raised by various stakeholders? Analyse.

7. What in your opinion are the factors responsible for the Kashmir unrest? Why solution seems elusive even after 70 years of independence? Is there a way out? Analyse.


P.S: The review from IASbaba will happen from the time the question is posted till 10 pm everyday. We would also encourage peer reviews.. so friends get actively involved and start reviewing each others answers. This will keep the entire community motivated.

All the Best 🙂

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