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  • September 4, 2016
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Commitment to your Goals:

There are very few things you can achieve without the necessary commitment to your goals. The desire to succeed, achieve your goals and make a difference is natural to all. But very few people can put up a plan of action, set timelines and work towards their goals tirelessly.

The key differentiating factor among individuals is their willingness to make personal sacrifices in order to move towards their goals. Learning the art of saying no to all other distractions in order to stay focused on what needs to be achieved requires enormous personal character and integrity.

Ask yourself this simple question. Are you the kind of person who can pick up an activity and commit to it till its completion, irrespective of the obstacles you face on the path? If the answer is no, then it’s high time you start working on yourself.

Commitment, resolve and determination are the most important hidden qualities that shape a human being. They are not very easily visible and recognizable. Since they are difficult to identify and work on, people spend enormous amounts of time working on all the other non important things. Only at the end of their long struggle do people realize that what was missing was their own personal commitment to success.

To know your levels of commitment, pick up a simple and easily doable action and check if you can do it consistently for at least 15 days. Most people will begin but they will give up after few days. They will find perfectly logical excuses not to complete what they have started. Very few among those who start, consistently overcome obstacles to be focused to finish the task.

The first rule of success is focus and commitment to the chosen task. You have to leave your personal preferences, desires and emotions to remain focused. Focus is the easiest thing to explain and understand but it is the most difficult thing to put in action. There are very few things you can achieve without focus.

Talent, ability, intelligence and gifted skills are nothing, absolutely nothing when compared to your character and attitude of personal commitment. These qualities cannot be taught, there is no school where you can learn these skills. The only way to learn these is by working on yourself moment to moment, day to day till you understand the value of personal character.

Begin before it’s too late. Start observing the pattern of your actions and how you perform them. With enough observation you will be able to understand yourself much better. After this begins the hard and difficult task of working on self discipline and commitment; it is a life long struggle to become what you are meant to be, achieve what you are supposed to and live the life of your choice.

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