IASbaba Daily Current Affairs Quiz [Day 18]

  • September 14, 2016
  • 33
IASbaba Daily Prelims Quiz
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Q.1) Consider the following statements with respect to Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)

  1. It is under the Ministry of Science and Technology
  2. It is the apex body for approval of activities involving large scale use of hazardous microorganisms and recom­binants
  3. It is responsible for ap­proval of proposals relating to release of genetically engineered organisms and products into the environment including experimen­tal field trials

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 1 and 3
  3. 2 and 3
  4. All of the above

Q.2) The Tea Board of India has sought the Centre’s approval for modifying an insurance scheme meant for workers in small tea gardens. Consider the following statements

  1. Tea is a state subject
  2. Tea Board of India is under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
  3. Tea Board of India is set up under the Tea Act 1953

Select the correct statement(s)

  1. 1 and 2
  2. Only 3
  3. 2 and 3
  4. 1 and 3

Q.3) Consider the below statements in regard to First Information Report (FIR), a written document prepared by police organizations in India and select the incorrect statement:

  1. The police can register FIRs only for cognizable offences.
  2. It is mandatory for the police to upload all types of FIRs on police or government websites within 48 hours of their registration in police stations.
  3. If the police refuse to register an FIR, a written complaint can be sent to the Superintendent of Police.
  4. A complaint may also be given directly to the Judicial Magistrate, who can direct the police to investigate the case. 

Q.4) Consider the following statements with respect to Magnetars

  1. It is a type of a neutron star
  2. They are differentiated from other neutron stars by having even stronger magnetic fields and rotating comparatively slowly
  3. The magnetic field decay powers the emission of X-rays and gamma rays

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

  1. Only 1
  2. 1 and 2
  3. 2 and 3
  4. All of the above

Q.5) Operation ‘Calm Down’ refers to

  1. Returning lorries back to Tamil Nadu in lieu of the recent violent clash in the state of Karnataka
  2. Constructing a ‘Giant Sea Well’ to enhance flood prevention and foster urban development at Jakarta
  3. Restoring normalcy in Kashmir
  4. The Taj operation during November, 2008


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