SYNOPSIS: IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [16th Sep] – UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]

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SYNOPSIS- IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [16th Sep] – UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]


1. Emotions motivate us but they can also disempower us if they are too strong and we allow them to overwhelm us. Elaborate by taking suitable examples.

(Note: Outline has been provided for the answer. For details please read the best answer section)

The question asks you to elaborate by taking suitable examples, so it is very subjective. There cannot be one model synopsis for it.

General Guidelines for the answer:

You need to clearly mention the meaning of emotions in the introduction.

You have to provide solid examples for both situations – positive emotions and negative emotions.

Try to provide examples of already happened situations (of contemporary issues or renowned personalities), avoid giving own examples.

End your answer on a positive note discussing the importance of managing emotions.

Best answer 1: Deep

Emotion is an affective state of consciousness in which we can experience happiness, pain, anger, peace etc.

Emotion is a powerful tool as it has a great influence on our minds, hence on our attitude and behaviour.

Our affective and cognitive abilities are two principal factors controlling our motivation. Emotion, as a cardinal affective ability, can be seen as both positive and negative. A positive emotion can motivate us but a too positive emotion can take control of our self-awareness and self-control. Then they can overwhelm, even mislead, our minds.

Patriotism and nationalism is a decent virtue as these teach us to respect our nation, maintain sovereignty, integrity of our nation. But too much zeal of nationalism may blind our conscience so that we are unable to assess the consequence of our actions.

Religion is another fundamental virtue which serves as a guiding principle. But men are often exploited in the name of religion. Religious fanaticism clouds their judgement.

Terrorism under the garb of Zihad, killing to sustain family honour, Hitler’s anti-semitism and eugenics justifing genocide are crucial examples.

Not emotion but emotional intelligence is desired from any citizen which help him to amalgamate his affective and cognitive abilities for motivational purposes.

Best answer 2: Sahil Garg

  1. http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/4259/9690/original.jpg
  2. http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/4259/9689/original.jpg

2. Emotionally mature people realize that others don’t exist to meet their needs. Elucidate.

The question is basically asking that an emotionally mature person treats “Human Resource” not only as a resource but as a human also.

An emotionally mature person treats people not as an object to fulfill his goals and desires but respect them as an individual and think from their perspective also.

The answer can be started by mentioning what an emotionally mature person is.

An emotionally mature person is not only that who can understand, control and manage his/her emotions (like most of you have written) but also the one who can understand other’s emotions and act accordingly.

The decisions of an emotionally mature person are not governed by selfish motives, to exploit others to gain personal benefits.

This needs to be backed by a real life example. It is more apt if you site an example from administration. Like relationship between political leaders and civil servants etc.

Best Answer : TheCredibleHulk

The only difference between humans and animals is that we are in control of our emotions and throughout our lives observe, learn and hone the same. We discard some and imbibe those which help lead us a better life. Our grandparents are the decision-makers in our families not only for their worldly wisdom, but also their emotional maturity.

German Philosopher Kant believed that humans should not be used as means to satisfy one’s ends, but are ends in themselves. Treating persons as instruments is a slippery slope without the actor’s realisation of the possibility of her being on the receiving end too someday. This inadvertently leads to a sense of being objectified and in some cases, retaliation.

This has wider implications for society and polity:
– Encourages one to do his duty objectively and impartially without waiting for a ‘favourable’ outcome from others.
– Helps inculcate respect for women in a patriarchal society.
– Promotes tolerance for unfamiliar thoughts, customs and practices and possibilities that humans can err.
– Helps counter the extreme individualism and realise what others do for you. Eg: tackling increasing old-age homes proliferation.

Emotional maturity doesn’t pull you apart from fellow-humans, instead brings you closer to them by increasing acceptance and enhancing cooperation while strengthening your own individuality.

3. Emotional intelligence is an indispensable virtue for a civil servant. Why? Examine.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand and manage emotions of self and of others, and direct the same to meet desired ends. Or, Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.


Why is EI an indispensable virtue-

  1. Civil servants are interface to public service delivery. Emotional intelligence along with empathy and compassion can help him to work for the poorer sections of society.
  2. Civil servants often face highly volatile situations, e.g. riots. Emotional intelligence can help them in maintaining peace calmness and to think objectively act rationally in high pressure situations.
  3. Civil service is highly responsible job. Uncontrollable emotions can lead to poor decision making, loss of exchequer, loss in social capital etc.
  4. Public service is a team phenomenon, emotional intelligence can help in building an efficient and motivated them that can put service above personal needs. Increased team spirit will lead to better and faster results.
  5. Public nature of a civil servant’s work can create considerable strain in his personal life and relationships, EI can help in discharging both the duties efficiently and diffuse the tension and friction.
  6. An emotionally intelligent bureaucrat can create possibilities where there exists none, can motivate self, bureaucracy and the public in deciding and achieving public policy goals.


Write a brief conclusion.

Best answer: Red Dragon

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand emotions of self and that of others. With this trait we can manage our composure and the relations with others well. It can be used as tool to enhance one’s life concerning ones profession (i.e. Civil servants)

This skill requires a positive combination of head and heart that enable a civil servant to take decision without any bias. It involves a dynamic approach of ones cognitive ability to interpret a situation. It includes reasoning, perception, understanding and management of emotions

Emotional Intelligence cannot be dispensed with because –

>> Changing society and their varied demands and aspirations. e.g. LGBT marriage, Surrogacy (involve emotional aspects)

>> Diverse country presenting diverse culture and religion, sometimes this harmony gets disturbed and takes communal colour (e.g. riot in Bihar)

>> Rising population and lack of resources resulted in lack of employment avenue, leading to agitation e.g. Patel in Gujarat, Jat in Haryana

>> People get easily provoked, often resort to violence and destruction e.g. Cauveri water issue, J&K clash

>> Some issues get politicised easily, with free media it gets a fan, consequently results in matter of caste and creed e.g. JNU and Hyderabad restlessness

Democratic set up of India gives more voice to the people. Hence the pattern of their demands, problems they have and the issues affecting them pose complex situation. Such demanding job of civil servants cannot be tackled in obsolete ways. Therefore, Emotionally Intelligent civil servants are the need of hour.

4. The performance of the athletes at the Rio Paralympics bear testimony to the grit and courage of human mind. Yet, the prevailing biases and lack of support for the differently abled call for immediate action. Comment.

(Note: Outline has been provided for the answer. For details please read the best answer section)


Your introduction should start with a recent event or news related to Paralympics OR you can start with a fact stating the conditions of differently abled in India. Or you can start with stating that the grit and courage of human can make anything possible.


Discuss the problems related to differently abled under various heads.

  • Social barrier
  • Political barrier
  • Economic barrier
  • Technological/ Infrastructural
  • Legal

(you can divide them under different heads too OR you can add more points here)

Mention the efforts done by Govt. and civil society for their upliftment.

  • Use of braille
  • Employment generation
  • Development of infrastructure – Sugamya bharat Abhiyan etc
  • Reservation in jobs.

(You can add more points here)


Your conclusion should reflect that even after such hardships the differently abled are doing well. The govt. and society should increase their effort to bring them under the mainstream and provide enabling infrastructure. This will not only result into increased GDP but also convert their general image from depending persons to contributors of the growth story.


Best Answer1: ASHUTOSH

The grit and courage of human mind can win all the difficulties lying in the path of goal and this fact proved in the unprecedented success story of The performance of the athletes at the Rio Paralympics.

Still presently Differential abled people face many kinds of negative biases and lack of support from society in following manner

  1. Socioeconomic barriers—

Poor services for health, low infrastructure in education due lack of skilled teacher and technology like Braille etc., poor facilities in transportation, traveling toilets and other occupational and living infrastructure.

Social biases and people’s negative attitude towards them also demotivate and constraint their efforts.

  1. Economic barriers—

Lack of employment opportunities in public and private organisations with poor implementation of various skill development and employment generation scheme result into secluded conditon in various spheres of society.

  1. Political barriers—

Lack of representation in various political bodies like gram sabha, legislative assembly and parliament results into poor policy and descion making and less focus on problem associated with this community.

Way forward —–

According to census 2011, more than 8% of Indian population is facing some kind of disability as well as the difficulties associated with it. Hence it is crucial to take long, medium and short term steps towards making their lives easier.

Although some steps like in the form of acts like
Persons with Disabilities (equal opportunities,protection of rights,full participation) act 1995;which covers health,education,employment(3% reservation for jobs)grievance redressal mechanism and various associetd issues;Mental Health act 1987,National Policy for Person with Disabilities 2006 etc. but their effective implementation is the need of the hour.

Recent enactment of National Mental Health Policy 2014; and Accessible India Campaign is right step for inclusive, participative development with equality and dignity for them in society


Best Answer 2: SherniZaad

” Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”- Mahatma Gandhi. This quote is truly justified with the incredible performance of the athletes in the Rio Paralympics showcasing immense courage and will power. However, despite these achievements, disabled section of the society still has to face numerous challenges: –

1)Dual Disability – social stigma attached to the disabled people forces them to come under the pressure of dual disability – physical and social.

2) Upbringing problems– disability of any kind- physical or mental- makes it very difficult for the others to understand the disabled child’s needs and requirements which affects the upbringing.

3) Worldly difficulties – Buildings, public transportation, roads etc. are not disabled friendly causing a huge challenge for disabled to adapt to the outside world.

According to census 2011, more than 8% of Indian population is facing some kind of disability as well as the difficulties associated with it. Hence it is crucial to take long term and short term steps towards making their lives easier. There’s need to change the attitude of the society towards disability right from the school level to the society as a whole. Mass awareness campaigning must be done. Successful disabled people must be encouraged to be role models for others. Government must come up with more initiatives like Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan. There’s need to make public transportation and buildings disabled friendly.

Disabled people are some of the most talented and unique people in this world and therefore to bring holistic development in the society, its imperative to nurture them and help them boom.


Best Answer3: kyu

The differently –abled make up more than 8% of total households in India (Census 2011) yet certain social and environmental barriers hinder them from enjoying a fulfilling life.
–social stigma surrounding disability with usage of terms “crippled and “mentally retarded “only serving to perpetuate negative stereotypes
–high healthcare costs present the poor with the double disadvantage of destitution and disability
–legal barriers for those suffering from certain mental illnesses e.g in owning property
–lack of public infrastructure adapted to needs of differently- abled e.g., ramps in public buildings and user friendly toilets.
–difficulties in finding gainful employment because of above environmental barriers rather than his/her condition

Therefore, the need of the hour is to address this situation through:
–awareness generation and behavioral change towards perception of differently-abled through CSR campaigns and community engagement
–persons with disabilities must be a crucial component in budgeting and public policy especially in initiatives such as SMART CITY and poverty eradication schemes. Likewise public buildings such as educational institutions and offices must be incentivized to adopt disabled-friendly environment
–The Government along with Law Commission must review existing laws and seek to amend discriminatory laws

There has already been traction with multiple schemes for welfare of the differently-abled especially recent SUGAMYA BHARAT ABHIYAN along with proactive initiatives by state governments such as Telangana making all IT parks in state disabled-friendly. This zeal must continue if a barrier free society is to be achieved under BIWAKO MILLENIUM FRAMEWORK.


Best Answer4: Aim_2016

After the poor performance of India’s largest ever contingent to Olympics in Rio, the differently abled athletes of India have managed to surpass expectations and previous records and achieved laurels all over the country due to their hard work and excellent performance. This testifies the strength of human resolve which is not bound by physical constraints.

But the social stigma against the disabled people in society still exists. The Paralympic athletes had much greater difficulty in practicing and acquiring coaches, much more lack of infrastructure for this section of athletes as compared to others.

On both, societal and govt level, there exists a lack of support for the differently abled. In the society, they are looked down upon as lesser beings, who are mere dependents on the family due to lack of avenues of effective employment. On part of administration, there is a lack of disabled friendly transport infrastructure and buildings, which limits the commutation ability of such people, and results in difficulty in their approach to any grievance redressal mechanism. There is also a lack of apathy in bureaucracy regarding special needs of disabled people.

Keeping this in consideration, govt has launched the Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, which mandates at least 50 govt buildings to be disabled friendly and at least 25% of transport facilities to be disabled friendly. Similar efforts should be made for providing special coaches and sports infrastructure and coaches for differently abled athletes. The social stigma in the society against disabled people should also be removed through effective awareness campaigns.

5. Severe unemployment and dangerous levels of drug abuse in the bordering states are major irritants to our border security apparatus. Do you agree? Analyze.

(Note: Outline has been provided for the answer. For details please read the best answer section)

Introduction: –

Your Introduction should deal with the linkages between drugs, unemployment and security threats. Link it with the Golden crescent and Golden triangle existed in the neighbourhood of India. OR you can start with a recent data or current affairs news.

Body: –

Discuss how unemployment and drug abuse are the irritant to border security apparatus.

  • Economic insecurity
  • Money laundering
  • Fake currency
  • Drug addiction

Discuss other challenges present to the border security.

  • Arms smuggling
  • Human trafficking

(you can add more points here)

Way forward: –

  • Infrastructure development – BRO, Bharat Mala project, connectivity to north- eastern state.
  • Use of modern technologies for surveillances
  • Modern/Functional Rehabilitation centres
  • Employment generation through development of sectors like food processing industries etc.
  • Skill development programme – Nai Manzil, Himmayat etc

(You can add more points here)

Conclusion: –

Your conclusion should reflect that we should focus on the infrastructure development and generating employment opportunities to guide and use the energy of the Youth in right direction.

Best Answer1: – Devmitra Sen

With close proximity to an apprehensive neighbourhood like Pakistan,China,Nepal,Bangladesh and Myanmar, a drug addicted and severely unemployed group of states call for security issues and need for an overtly vigilant border security force at task.
(1)With over 50% of Arunachal,assam,manipur ,mizoram and nagalandresorting to illicit drug trafficking,arms and ammunition smuggling and the resulting culture of rampant crime taking over the areas,the security forces are constantly troubled with additional civil responsibilities.
(2)Huge score of unemployed mass turns into a major reason of human trafficking through theporous borders of Bangladesh and Nepal.This becomes a double whammy for our already duty armed border forces.
(3)The economic insecurity faced by the young is used as a ploy by terror groups towards radicalisation.Terror financing by nations like Pakistan adds to the already grim condition that exists.
Way Forward:
-Improved connectivity in NE to bring in connectivity with mainland India and increased awareness drives about narcotics in both NE and NW regions of our country.
-Betterment in oppurtunities of education and simultaneously job creation through exploration of local resources by setting up of resource based niche industries like oil refineries in Assam, organic food processing industries in Sikkim or handicrafts in Nagaland.
-Specific policy measures targeted towards these bordering states towards skill development like Nai Manzil scheme that targets specifically to minorities.
-Deaddiction camps,strict implementation of substance abuse acts like NDPS and financial support to set up small scale industries with flexible loan terms,low interest rate and easy recovery options.
-Introduction of special forces/cadres in border forces to check drug trafficking,arms smuggling,human trafficking and illegal immigration.
-Joint patrolling of security forces and joint exercises of border security forces to enhance cooperation and working compatibility among bordering nations.This may lead to imroved efficiency.
-Usage of better technology to improve surveillance and check cross border terrorism and trade like using high power cctvs(as in Siachen),using satellite imagery,machines based on artificial intelligence,etc.
A collaborated and consolidated intergovernmental effort coupled with a positive change in citizen attitude through simplified and effective administration can bring the very needed relief for the security forces and enable development in these very geographically sensitive and socially affected states.


Best Answer2: – SherniZaad

According to a UN report, 1 million heroin addicts are registered in India, however, the picture is much bigger and dismal aggravated due to India’s geographical location between the Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle (considered as the hubs of drug business) as well as the unemployment prevalent in the bordered regions of our country causing irritant to the border security: –

1)Illegal drug trafficking funds the insurgent groups in their terrorist activities especially in North eastern region.

2) Unemployed youth are lured into the smuggling activities who most probably themselves get addicted creating a vicious cycle of drug and unemployment.

3) Porous boundaries allow easy smuggling of drugs as well as non-state actors acting as migrants.

4)Other spillover effect of drug menace and unemployment is law and order problems and violence at the border.

The problem is severe and needs to be address soon by taking immediate steps. There’s need to solve unemployment problems by speeding up the skilling activities in these areas- Skill India is a positive step. There’s also need to create massive awareness about drug abuse from the school level for ensuring community level participation. Also, for people already trapped in the situation, there’s need to send them to rehab center and counsel them with proper medication. Also strict border control is the need of the hour to check illegal trafficking.

For India to reap benefits of its demographic dividend and reach towards sustainable development, it’s extremely important to pull our youths out of this drug menace.


Best Answer3: – meena 





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