IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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1. What was the controversy regarding the introduction of Western education in India b/n Anglicist-Orientalist?(10M,200W)

2. “The Widow Remarriage act was, in many ways, a logical sequence to the abolition of Sati”.Comment(10M,200W)

3. Examine the impact of British Rule on Indian Society in the 19th Century? (20M,400W)

4. “Orientalism serves the need of Colonial State by gathering the knowledge of the past”. Elucidate(10M,200W)

5. “The Vernacular Press in the 19th century was both newspaper as well as ‘views-paper’  that enlightened the dormant masses”. Comment.(15M,300W)

6. Of all the evils which corroded Indian Society in the 19th century were those stunted womanhood. Comment.  (15M,300W)

7. Rammohan Roy was the herald of new age and also the Morning Star of Modern social reform movement in country. Comment. (15M,300W)

DAY 11


1. Give an account of Imperial style of Architecture during Delhi Sultanate period.(15M,300W)

2. Explain how Delhi grew in 13th Century into one of the largest cities of the Muslim World.(15M,300W)

3. “Even though the Muslims had evolved a distinct style of architecture, they could not ignore the influence of Hindu architectural ideals.” Comment. (15M,300W)

4. Amir Kushro was an eminent poet not an Historian. Comment (10M,200W)

5. Provide a comparative analysis of the development of Arabic and Persian Histography.(20M,400W)

6. Give an account of Ziauddin Barani as an Historian.(15M,300W)

7. What are the factors that sustained the expansion of Urban Economy in the Delhi Sultanate.(15M,300W)

8. Explain the objectives and the various orders of the Sufi Movement.(15M,300W)

9. Distinguish b/n the two strands of the Bhakti Cult.(15M,300W)

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