IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [20th Oct]: UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]

  • IASbaba
  • October 20, 2016
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IASbaba’s TLP 2016, 20th Oct

UPSC Mains ‘High Order Thinking [HOT]’ GS Questions


1. Despite having the largest livestock population in the world, the livestock economy in India has performed well below its potential. Do you agree? Are we missing out something substantial by not achieving our true potential? Elucidate. 

2. Animal rearing can be an effective alternative to address agricultural distress in the drought hit areas of India. Do you find merit in this argument? What challenges and problems do you envisage in this direction? Analyse.

3. What are ‘technology missions’? What is their importance in agriculture? Explain by taking suitable examples.

4. Outsourcing food production to BRICS countries, and opening up the country to cheaper imports will destroy food self-sufficiency – and the livelihood of millions. Critically comment.

5. The rhetoric of global war on terror must transform into an actionable roadmap to uproot terrorism. However, this is possible only when the categorization in the form of good and bad terrorism would cease to exist and consensus is evolved on the very definition and characteristics of terrorism. Critically examine.

P.S: The review from IASbaba will happen from the time the question is posted till 10 pm everyday. We would also encourage peer reviews.. so friends get actively involved and start reviewing each others answers. This will keep the entire community motivated.

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