Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) 2017- Read here

Dear Friends,

We would like to congratulate all of you for your performance in ILP so far.


We are very happy that compared to last year, this year’s participation is a notch above. It’s been over a month since we started ILP 2017.


By now, ILP users have realized the importance of it, through:

  • Preparing with a proper plan– a daily plan with clearly defined outcomes.
  • Note making of current affairs from Babapedia.
  • Learning from the tests- 5 Tests in a month is serious business
  • Learning from Value Add notes– We thank you for the amazing response for our VAN.
  • Mains Mocks and synopsis– Every fortnight.


We have been getting emails asking for :

  • How will I cover left/missed portions of the plan if I join now?
  • How to make notes from Babapedia (since it is copy paste disabled)
  • Can we have a look at the VALUE ADD NOTES or Mains Mock & Synopsis before joining to get an idea?
  • Feedback of ILP


This post will give you clarity on the above issues.


How will I cover left/missed portions of the plan if I join now?

For aspirants who intent to join now:

Backlog: You have to anyway cover them in future. Isn’t it? UPSC syllabus remains the same and the examination will be common to all! Even if you intend to start now, you have to prepare for it completely.

It is a psychological blockade that you are behind the plan. Though we started on 25th August, you can make designate the day you join as Day 1 of your schedule and proceed. Else you can also start with the current schedule and in parallel prepare from the previous schedule so that you pace yourself according to the plan.

Two months before prelims, you will have enough time to revise everything.

We have already given much revision time in between. Initially we had blocking system of tests (i,e., you cannot take the next test, unless and until you clear the previous test), but now we have made it flexible for you to prepare any block and attempt any test of the schedule as per your wish and convenience.

There are aspirants who joined our ILP with just a couple of months left for prelims last year and yet cleared prelims. Hence it is more about commitment and consistency. Our content and planning will organize you more and also let you focus on quality learning.

If you are starting now, then-

Study the Plan carefully- Static portions are clearly given, value add is also there.

You can pick the value add for a particular block; cover it as early as possible. It covers almost all the important and necessary stuff; it will become an easy task for you to understand the relevant concepts.

For current affairs– follow Babapedia (Folder name- AUGUST 2016, SEPTEMBER 2016, OCTOBER 2016). Look inside. Date wise updates are there. You can follow the same and prepare for the test.

Similarly if you start with the ongoing plan, then also you can prepare previous tests in parallel. Go slow but learn in the process.


Can we have a look at the VALUE ADD NOTES or Mains Mock & Synopsis before joining to get an idea?



Click to Download


Click to Download

IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-005 IASbaba ILP National Income Accounting-page-006


Click to Download


Click to Download



How to make notes in general and of current affairs from Babapedia (since it is copy paste disabled)


Current Affairs: Sources for you!

Daily News Analysis from

  • Two Issues per day (Forget about ‘Must Read’ articles in the end for the time being.)
  • In a month, around 50 issues – Right!

If you start consolidating and revising only those issues, you will end up internalizing at least 50 issues by heart. How many over the period of 6 months?

Current Affairs evolve over the period of time. You need to understand that any issue when gets completed will be covered sooner or later. But lack of patience puts you off track. And you end up rushing for everything at your disposal.

Remember: The question is not about how hard you are working. But it is about how productive you are in a given time?

You effort needs to be result oriented. All that matters is your output!

Aspirant’s Question: The issues are very long and elaborate. How to make notes from them?

Answer: We cover them in the manner so that you need not spend much time in basic understanding of the same using google. Your notes should be smartly made. They need to be precise and coherent in a way that they are easy to revise and you can make complete sense out of them when you read that topic after some time.

We will explain this with one example!

Cauvery Issue

You might have read so many articles, notes etc for this. How will you revise and keep the bulk of information in the form of notes that can provide you with enough concepts and content for both Prelims and Mains?

Focus should be like this



Cauvery River—Tributaries??


Flows through—-???

Direction of Flow- East or West—Drainage—???

There is a difference between River Flows through and River Basin– Confused aspirants will argue that it flows through Kerala because they read in NCERT that it makes basin in Kerala. But it doesn’t mean it flows through Kerala.


Water Dispute- Which article?

Water comes under Union, State or Concurrent List?


Inter-State Dispute- Article?

Agriculture and Economy

Affects whom?

Water Intensive Crops?

Regions affected economically—why?

Above is just for example: Add accordingly!



The fodders that you have prepared for Prelims will provide enough information and base to write Mains Answers. You just need to introspect on analytical perspective or opinion based aspects.

  • Why is there no concrete solution for this issue till now?
  • How does it affect centre-state relations?
  • Should water come under Union List?
  • Why both the states are not coming to any consensus on resolving this issue?

These are just the examples- there can be many other angles.

The Point is- If your story line is not clear, mere filing of words will only make your notes bulky

So get a clear story of any issue and write in keywords so that it becomes easy to revise from it.


We cover very less number of issues here since we already cover many hot topics in DNA. Can’t you prepare them well?

Yojana/Kurukshetra Magazine

To the point and relevant content for exam is given to ease your burden on monthly basis. Hardly 30 pages of content can be condensed into 5 pages by you. Try to do it.


Current Affairs from Babapedia

Since many aspirants fail to understand the importance of note making through constant revision and relevance of content, we had to come up with Babapedia.


Without Babapedia

  • You would have navigated through various newspapers and sources to prepare current affairs.
  • Would have spent ‘n’ number of hours preparing the same.
  • Finding relevant topics and revision, minimal.


With Babapedia

  • No need to worry about current affairs for Prelims
  • It covers all important topics of current affairs.
  • You just need to follow it regularly and make a note of key words


Note Making from Babapedia

  • Reason we disabled copy paste in Babapedia: You would have created your own drive from Babapedia by copying pasting (not exactly the notes for revision). Do not give reasons like “I cannot highlight texts or copy paste relevant points”.
  • By forcing you to make notes from there, we actually want you to follow and learn smart method of note making (as explained above)
  • When you read from Babapedia, your notes should be in the form of above cited examples as explained through Cauvery Issue.
  • Write in Keywords and generate your story for easy revision purpose.
  • You will thank us for this before the exam 



Importance of Tests after each Block

  • We also cover many important concepts in current affairs (not part of Babapedia) in Weekly Tests. Why?
  • So that you are not left with any important issues or concepts.
  • Your intention should be learning in the process from Babapedia as well as Tests.



For those who are not able to catch up with the Plan

What if you were not a part of ILP?

Then also you had to finish everything according to the syllabus.

So with the same time at your disposal, here you are getting a well chalked out micro plan, quality content and guidance. And according to the plan a well specified source to follow, which can guide you and prevent distractions. You need to remember that proper planning is very important otherwise you will keep on wandering till the end, and then panic before the exam.

  • Please do not give yourself a false satisfaction that you are preparing.


Our suggestions

  • At least you have quality content at your disposal.
  • Prepare from that and revise properly.
  • Take up the tests even if it is delayed due to personal issues.
  • Do retrospective learning and learn all the concepts from the tests


Some Valuable Suggestions for Smart Preparation


  • How are you revising from Tests and Babapedia? What will you do 1 month before prelims?
  • Will you sit again and download the test pdfs and start solving them again?
  • If you do that, you will only end up doing mechanical work!


We suggest the following:

Make different set of Note Books for Economy, S&T, Environment, History, Geography and Polity- Only for Tests

Suppose you are done with first Block of Polity Tests comprising of 50 Questions from CA and Polity.

50 Questions will expose you to at least 200 related concepts. One Test- 200 Solid Concepts

  • Write it down in Polity Note Book
  • Do the same for all polity tests
  • Revision will become a cakewalk for you
  • Since carrying this note book will not be a problem, you can revise from it anywhere and anytime.

By the end of SET 1- 4 Blocks and 1 Full mock: 300 Questions and at least 1000 concepts

(Imagine all those concepts in your respective notebook in revision friendly mode)


Same way make different notebooks for current affairs from babapedia

“Try to understand the importance of smart work”


Feedback on ILP



We thought this program will give enough confidence to aspirants and they will work smartly to pursue the defined plan to the best of their interest. Are we wrong!

Prove us Right by putting in equal effort from your side!!

While designing this program, we thought to revolutionize the learning through our planning, approach and most importantly results. And every initiative of ours is in line with this goal.

Your life’s motto should be 

“Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction”

All the very Best 🙂

  • Archit Gupta

    Sir. What about Connect Program?

    • We had called you twice and no response

      • Archit Gupta


      • ranjani

        Babaji, I’m still waiting for the Connect call.. Have you already selected the students Babaji for ILP Connect..?

  • Neilam


    true ….. people who know importance will Sail journey …
    even when keeping it up with babaji is hard ….. sometime very hard.. but never looose hope

    they always their help us …


    PIB NEWS 18th:..

    Find Notes at :-

  • मैं ‘आत्मदर्शी’

    Regular motivation from BABA will surely sail us.

  • hsotnas

    Thanks baba…..

  • Saurabh Garg

    Sir….do you evaluate the answers written for mains part of ILP? Please give the details of programme after prelims also…

    • Hi Saurabh

      This is not a Mains test series. We give Mains VAN, Mock questions and its synopsis. Post Prelims- Mains Plan is there with VAN from our side.

  • pinku

    i want to join but whats the price…anyone please tell me…

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction
    Thank you baba ji for much needed direction and motivation.

  • Bhoomi sharma

    Hey guys
    The ones who have still not joined ILP and are willing to join…catch the train asap guys it is amazing….yu will have a regular plan..divided time for each and every subject to study….GS k sath current affairs updation…it is perfect what else yu want in less than 10k..I too joined very late but now I am able to cover my back log with parallel study…go for it guys without any second thought….:)

  • @supervegeta

    I’m Just putting my perspective here please don’t mind.

    i saw your work its tremendous , at the same time i was astonished … all these notes ,current affairs , references , time table must be made by aspirants them self …. then only he/she may crack this UPSC exam….

    Each and every aspirant who cleared this exam or any exams is just because of his own innovation , efforts , improvisation etc …. not by spoon feeding

    coming to the part of guidance .. yes it is required until an aspirant understands what exam is expecting rather than demanding ?

    • Mansha Singh

      As if you have never taken any assistance while preparing. Saying “Each and every aspirant who cleared this exam or any exams is just because of his own innovation , efforts , improvisation etc …. not by spoon feeding”- Where did you find this? And spoon feeding??

      And then last sentence of yours “coming to the part of guidance .. yes it is required until an aspirant understands what exam is expecting rather than demanding ?”

      Contradicting previous statement. One can take ILP as guidance only. and work on progressively.

      Where is spoon-feeding. Still one has lot to cover themselves. Consistency, regularity and commitment cannot be taught with any plan.

      • @supervegeta

        oh my !!! i just wrote my perspective .Why so much aggression ?

    • Neilam

      it spoon feeding ….

      u dnt know depth u saying …..

      one got to cover more then ilp …. alot more …

      if one is not self discipline one fail here too and upsc too

  • soujanya pininti

    sir then how to make mains current affairs notes from DNA , rstv,air.please reply. after joining ilp 2017 can we open ilp 2016 also please reply

  • invictus prime

    1)VAN- value add notes are extremely good. Better than any coaching material in Delhi
    2)Diff in test series from other sites-other sites just mention books.but here one gets core planning with chapters from books mentioned
    3)Other than daily quiz,babapedia is exclusively designed for tackling current affrs
    4)responsive team, regular feedback and guidance makes ILP-IASBABA stand out
    I have joined so i am advising. Dont waste more time thinking about going to Delhi.ALL THE BEST

  • Bond

    Hi..Baba, my mains preparation(2016) is not up to the mark.I may join ilp 2017 in December. Please reserve a seat….:-)

    • You should prepare well and fight like a real fighter in December 🙂

      • Fiza Khan

        hello babaji..
        when your new ilp 2018 programme will start.

  • invictus prime

    IASBABA just came up with a new inclusion in ILP-2017 sorting out the confusion over mains-‘The Mind Maps’
    According to plan it will cover all possible static portion for mains while covering the current affrs part as well
    E.g-french revltn, vietnam war, surrogacy, border sec, kashmir issue, triple talaq.
    Now i am double sure that EVEN AFTER JOINING LATE i made the right decision by subscribing to ILP

  • invictus prime

    Mind maps for mains starting from this Monday -gear up family

  • Rahul Sharma

    When the going gets tough, tough gets going!

  • dusky

    I can say my preparition can be divided into two phases – pre ilp and post ilp . Pre ilp – every alternate day i doubted my ability and thought of giving up. And now after two months of ilp , i feel that i am in safe hands and i can make it happen . Not that i do not have fear anymore ,but now the fear is well within the required limits to push me .
    can’t thank u enough ias baba team . you are indeed a blessing for aspirants .

  • Shruti

    Highly recommended! ILP comes with many many benifits right from proper planning to well organised and helpful notes.The tests are good the plan is awesome and you always get a feeling of being on track.Notes provided are top notch.The confidence ILP instilles in you is unmatched 🙂 Thanks team iasbaba!

  • Rashmi

    Initially I was bit skeptical in joining this course but I am glad that I finally did…Ur value added notes and mind maps are really awesome…although I running bit late but ur plan tells me exactly what to read and how much time to devote for each topic..Thank you guys 🙂


    I’m finding direction to my study through ILP,here is how :

    Daily news analysis+Daily half an hour Babapedia+Daily Quiz+YK gist+AIR/RSTV news analysis(selected issues)=Complete/Exhaustive ‘raw material’ for Mains and prelims.Why raw material ? why not ready made product from IASBABA :- .Product making is my responsibility,how? Taking weekly tests(Baba test series),Daily answer writing practice(Dynamic) but for static ? Baba’s Mains Mock with synopsis will come to my rescue.
    I may feel alone but with discussion forum I rarely now.What about optionals ? through discussion forum we make whatsapp group to discuss optionals.
    If are convinced you can join ILP with full faith and you won’t be disappointed I bet you.

  • Manish

    I am a working professional and I am lagging behind the plan due to some issues and sometimes lack of commitment, confidence etc. But everytime a new VAN comes , it gives me that mental boost to strive hard again and work …thank you Baba for this

  • Yashi

    I want to ask do we need to make notes from newspaper or babapedia and DNA will suffice ?

    • swagata

      for prelims babapedia is enough. for mains babapedia, DNA, AIR/RSTV news analysis, yojna gist from the website.

  • Anand

    best decision i have taken is to join ILP 2017.I was confused whether to join or ILP OR some coaching classes in delhi and believe me ILP is better than those coaching classes thanks alot BABA AND THE TEAM.

  • swagata

    No need for coaching classes. Only a internet connection and a correct decision can change your life. ILP is awesome.

  • आयरन मैन २.०

    For those who still have doubt, join it. It is very useful especially for beginners and working professionals.

  • anchal

    Great great great help from IASbaba through ILP 2017 . Dnt wait much ,give it a shot .it will really really help ..everyone is unique with unique circumstances ,but this will only and only boost u in every possible way ,doesn’t matters if u are a fresher or working or whatever,it is helpful in all ways .

    • Mr. Er

      helloo u took ilp 2017???

  • Neilam

    here is my 2months experience on ilp platform …. I hope it help someone …

    1st thing you have good net connection and you have fire and focus and self discipline(I too sometime lack here , but it s ok all day are not equal and here babaji comes to rescue) to work with this guys (IASBABA team) …. you on already done 25% work ……

    now coming to ilp – it will BEST INVESTMENT by you in ur dreams and career till date (doesnot matter u novice , old,male or female or to say any place of India , I m not kidding here I mean it ) if you use it fullest …….

    my experience – you getting all thing on platform + main site ….. just open mind and analysis ..get in process of upsc u r in……

    next as person I can say I had my own insecurities and alll before going exam …..I never thought I will b so much improved in 2months …. though it was not easy and it is not still easy .. but dat is what upsc is all about..keep going no matter what… BABAJi will t.c of u if u genuine person….. guareentee….

    keep Dre hardwork in mind…thy work 10hr for our van we sud work 100hr on dre fruits …..

    #bottom line….. if someone thinking to join it….. dnt be in 1% doubt also….it was b one of best investment by me. till date… dnt need Mecca Medina Delhi class……… pls join if u rr ready to work butt off… hours doesnot matter productive hours matter here… quality matters here …all u will get here ….

    ur destiny is in ur hand , go hurt it…… (babaji with ilp + main site will hold u in journey u in safe hand … have faith and enjoy journey )

  • mamta

    After facing failure for last so many years, I was very disappointed, felt like leaving the prepartion. I have not thought that studying will be so interseting with IASbaba. Now I can feel what is the importance of proper guidance and what a directionless study cost. thank you will not suffice the efforts given by the team, Hats off to the team……You could be the change, you could be the hope

  • Moni

    If possible try to minimise/lessen/remove (not to offend plz) baba logo on notes.It distract while reading plz..!

  • Dhiraj

    Self study for UPSC exams requires a hell lot of dedication from our side! I started my preparation in June and struggled a lot in finding right source/schedule. I wanted to cover optional+ History+ Geography+ eco etc simultaneously but I wasnt able to do any of them to my satisfaction! I was wasting a lot of time here n there. Then I joined ILP and I can say that it came out to be the best decision. Now I have daily targets and I am running against time to cover them since I joined late(Though I couldnt cover it yet ! 🙁 )! IASBABA team deserved a salute for such an awesome effort from their side!

  • Arunima

    I spent almost 30 minutes exploring the comments. While some comments are legit, many appear to be meant for marketing. Words like “FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO JOIN ILP-2017 NOW”, “…catch the train asap guys it is amazing” and many more make less sense than act as statements to generate positive market presence.
    Again, only positive comments, without any critique make your programs and initiatives more of a boast.
    You might be true and my observations might be incorrect, but there are a few things I believe is happening with
    1. The main site is now saturated with stuffs – relevant or irrelevant. Thus, new sub-domains have been setup
    2. Revenues seem to have stagnated, with increase in expenses. (Why would you otherwise always say you are not here to make profits)
    3. Your transition from a free-for-all to a paid-service appears a bit bumpy. Reasons are know to all.
    4. and are also major players in the market, with awesome programs. Competition is getting tougher and your desperation shows some loss in sheen.
    5. Just message me (you have my email ID) and I will discuss critically even more.

    • Temsuyanger

      I was a member of ILP-2016 and i think you’re 101% wrong here! …i hope you’re not some staff from those “insightonindia” or “forumias” trying to put down the image of IASbaba..

    • Rashmi

      Since u have criticized this forum so much, I will comment on few points..n trust me I am not Iasbaba agent :D..Isn’t insights also filled with too much information?…Next, what is the problem in creating sub-domains?, its just for relieving the main site from too much traffic (correct me if i am wrong)…See I am not in favor of this forum particularly, but putting just this one in bad light is not ethical…everyone here is making profits (including insights), so what is the issue if this one is doing that?…N they are not charging for everything, just the test series..other information is available free of cost..So I really don’t find any reason to just pin point these people…
      P.S.: I do follow insights as well and some of their stuff is really good 😀

  • anshul

    yeh sab kuchh ni ata boss mains mein,better make self study notes. prelims ke liye theek h but mains mein 0 ayega agar yeh baba,insight ya forum kiya to. yeh sab colorful pics etc bas newcomers ko bewakoof banane ke liye hai, rhi prelims ke baat just study current ,no need to join these flashy programs


    cannot able to complete the last stage of ILP 2017 SUBSCRIPTION..

  • Rashi

    hey guys.. can anyone please tell me the total no. of tests? Like forumias is offering 31 tests with specification of syllabus to be covered in each test. I am not able to find such specification here.

  • Nisha Mishra

    jai ho babaji

  • Red Dragon

    “Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction” – always sth prodding at the end. You are doing great Babaji.

  • Ankan Bezbaruah

    Hi, it seems there are issues with the log in page for ilp co-learn program.I have sent multiple mails regarding this still no reply. While the test page is loading, i cant access the ILP colearn log in page

  • glory

    please provide babapedia notes compilation

  • Shruti Sah

    when will the ILP begin for 2018 aspirants.
    Does it makes sense if i join ILP now?

  • Ernesto

    Babaji, when will ILP 2018 begins?

  • Shrawan kedarta

    how i can join this ILP2018


    Hello baba. Your articles on importance of ILP is quite useful. Pls tell how to join this program and fee structure, if any.

    • Hi Ankit

      ILP program will be launched for 2018 in the end of June. The details will be posted after in the last week of June. The program will start from July End. You have to wait for the details to come out that will consist of Fee and structure of the program like Plan and other details. It covers whole Prelims and Mains including Current Affairs. It is a GS only Program with Daily Based Plans. This time we are planning it differently to make it more effective


        Thank u.

  • ILP program will be launched for 2018 in the end of June. The details will be posted in the last week of June. The program will start from July End. You have to wait for the details to come out that will consist of Fee and structure of the program like Plan and other details. It covers whole Prelims and Mains including Current Affairs. It is a GS only Program with Daily Based Plans. This time we are planning it differently to make it more effective

    • Reena Palanisamy

      Hi Team, Please can you start a similar program for geography optional as well?
      I can see question in TLP optional which shows “IASbaba” must have resource/expert on this subject. However if you could make it similar to the paid feature including set & blocks, that will be a unique initiative as no online platform provides us. Additionally, it ll boost our motivation and improve confidence in the subject.. as a aspirant we feel comfortable on the entire exam.
      Even though the number of enrollment will be much lesser than the ILP, you will definitely see aspiring candidates like me 🙂 who is ready to put some extra effort to make it through in an attempt.

      Please do consider.
      Warm Regards,

  • lokesh shukla

    Baba can’t we be provided same ILP for optional sub. also…..??????

  • ADkaur

    Hey..I want to join for Mains in October. So what is the preocess for Mains? TLP initiative is really good but is it part of ILP or different>

    • Sree sai.

      Hi r u from karnataka

      • Devsena

        nope, punjab

  • vikas kumar

    make it available online too.

  • immortal

    Babaji…what about those who are writhing mains this year and have not joined ILP earlier…..

  • Md Ali Major

    Hello sir ,
    I want to join ILP 2018.
    Tried to call the number given, but not able to connect , Please suggest how i can join .

    Thank you.

  • Chandler Bing

    babaji, I am not able to login on ilp-2017 platform, please help. I have sent several mails to you in this regard…

  • Meera

    Is Babapedia available only for ILP subscribers or is it a free initiative? pls clarify…

  • akash kumar

    love u bba

  • Priya Darsini

    Grab a Rank Initiative :-

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