TLP 2016 OPTIONAL – Geography Mini Test 3

  • IASbaba
  • October 21, 2016
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Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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Must Refer to Geography Plan and StrategyClick Here

Think Learn & Perform (TLP) : Geography Mini Test 3


These questions are meant to examine your understanding of the last 15 days. Attempt these questions in 2 hours in strict exam conditions without referring any source. Please be honest and do this exercise sincerely.


All the best


1. What do you understand by ocean floor spreading? What are it’s evidences? (15 marks)

2. Explain the concept of ‘permanency of the ocean basins’. Also explain the Wilson cycle along with suitable diagrams. (15 marks)

3. Differentiate between the vertical temperature distribution of ocean waters at low, high and mid latitudes. Why do such differences arise? (15 marks)

4. Which motions affect salinity distribution in oceans? Explain by giving suitable examples. Also discuss the spatio temporal variations of salinity at different latitudes. (15 marks)

5. Elaborate the concepts of ecological foot print, carbon intensity and carbon sequestration. How these concepts are interrelated? (15 marks)

6. Soil erosion and landslides are major ecological hazards in hilly areas. Why? What strategies should be adopted for controlling and mitigating their effects? (15 marks)

7. Write a note on the evolution of the concept of ‘environmentalism’ in Geography. Quote geographers who have made significant contributions in developing this perspective of Geography. (15 marks)

8. Integration of ecology and economy is considered to be the most sustainable way of development. Keeping in view the given statement, examine the concept of smart cities. Also give suggestions to make the initiative environmentally more sustainable. (15 marks)

9. Environmental management is a decentralized process and requires efforts at the grassroot level. In view of the statement, how do you see the role of rural India in ensuring environmental sustainability? Discuss. (15 marks)

10. What adaptive features differentiate a Caucasian from a Mongoloid? How does environmental determinism come into play into human ecological adaptations? Discuss. (15 marks)


Note: No separate links will be provided for answering the questions. All questions can be answered on the same page.

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