• October 7, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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1.“ Akbar built the Mughal Empire by enlisting the Support of Rajputs, Auranzeb destroyed it by alienating the Rajputs”. Critically Comment (20M,400W)

2. Examine the Conquest of the Deccan by Shah Jahan ? (15M,300W)

3. Write Briefly about the Ahom Kingdom ? (15M,300W)

4. Explain the Role of Nur Jahan as the power Behind the Mughal throne ? (15M,300W)

5. How was Sah Jahan’s Central Asian Policy a serious setback to Mughal prestige ? (15M,300W)

6. Why did the Jats revolt frequently against Auranzeb? (10M,200W)

7. How did Shivaji organize his administration and finances to consolidate his powers? (15M,300W)

8. Examine the circumstances leading to rise of Shivaji. Also throw a light on his legacy. (20M,400W)

9. “The major causes of the revolt against the Mughal empire during the latter half of the 17th Century were economic,rather than religious”. Discuss (15M,300W)

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