• October 31, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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Q1.) “Comparison of the fascist regime in Italy with the National Socialist regime of Germany is almost inevitable. The similarities are obvious,  but there is one point of difference which is worth mentioning.” Comment. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q2.)  “The unification of Italy completed…the destruction of the European order.” Comment. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

 Q3.) “Mazzini’s conception of Italian nationality was not exclusive and his dominant ideal was the recreation of moral unity of mankind.” Critically examine. [ 10 Marks,200 words]

Q4.) “Napoleon kindled the national sentiment, but German unity was achieved by Bismarck.” Discuss. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q5.)  Bismarck united Germany not by majority of votes and speeches but by a policy of ‚ “Blood and Iron”In the light of this statement assess the contribution of Bismarck to the unification of Germany. [15Marks,300 words]

Q6.)  “The  language  of  narrow  nationalism  held  at  Frankfurt  destroyed  the  German Revolution;  as  the  fatal  idea  of  aggrandizement  of  the  House  of  Savoy  destroyed  the Italian Revolution.” Discuss. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q7.) “Under Mustafa Kemal’s dictatorship; Turkey was rapidly nationalized.” Comment. [ 15 Marks,300 words]

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