TLP HISTORY [Mock Test – 2]

  • October 1, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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TLP HISTORY [Mock Test – 2]


1. Evaluate critically the conditions of labour from 1200-1500 CE on the basis of historical sources.(15M,300W)

2. Critically Discuss the various trends in the historiography of bhakti.(15M,300W)

3. Bhakti and Mysticism of Lal Ded emerged as a social force in Kashmir. Comment(10M,200W)

4. Examine critically the agrarian and economic reforms of Alauddin Khalji .How did it strengthen the sultunate? (10M,200W)

5. “The Chater Act of 1833 rung down the curtain on the company’s trade and introduced a new concept of government in India” Substantiate. (15M,300W)

6. “In 1857, the rebel sepoys showed a remarkable centripetal tendency to congregate at Delhi”. Do you agree? Substantiate. . (15M,300W)

7. “Tribal revolted more often and far more violently than any other community including peasants in India” Elaborate (15M,300W)

8. Discuss about the Token currency system introduced by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. (15M,300W)

9. Explain the Khilji revolution and its impact. (10M,200W)

10. Discuss the Balban’s concept of Kingship. How was it modified by Alauddin Khalji? (15M,300W)

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