3. The day you joined a department known for it’s corruption, you are counseled by a group of officers about the avenues, opportunities and means to earn extra money in the system. They tell you that you need not promote illegal activities and also no one will ask you for undue favours. You just need to speed up your work and clear the files as soon as they reach your table. In lieu of this, you will get what they call it as ‘speed money’. They also try to convince you that there is no illegality involved and in fact 99% of the officers are involved in this business. Moreover, in a city like your place of posting, expensive housing and lifestyle makes it almost impossible to sustain yourself and your family with the meager salary. However, you don’t respond to them and ask for some time to think about it.

  • IASbaba
  • November 11, 2016
  • 19

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