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  • IAS baba
  • November 27, 2016
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Emergence of New India:

For the first time listening to a politician speak, tears swelled into my eyes. I have always been a great sceptic of the political system that doesn’t stand up for the needs of a common man. For the first time, it looks like we have a prime minister who is not just a politician.

While manipulation for personal self interest is politics; politics to uphold the interests of a common man is service. It feels like we have a man among us who has chosen politics to serve. Modi has probably for the first time in the history of independent India, given a glimpse into the future of this great land.

Very rarely does one get an opportunity to witness a defining moment in history; a moment that will come to re-write the fate of a nation. We had one such moment when the demonetization movement was announced. Very few of us can contemplate on the magnanimity of this whirlwind of change that is sweeping the nation clean.

There is a lot of hue and cry from those who are opposing this movement about the inconvenience all this is causing to people. But there are very few who do not already smell the sweet taste of change. Even amidst of all the difficulties, one knows deep down that something good is happening. The dust that has covered the rotten ideologies and convenient politics of India over the past 70 years is clearing and now we can finally see the face of that monster that has threatened us for so long.

Let us bear the pain. We have waited for this for such a long time; can’t we wait for a few more days? The excitement of what is happening is beyond words to describe. If this movement is a success, then we are talking about a future for us that is filled with openness and transparency, respect and dignity, peace and prosperity.

What we are talking about here is the birth of a new India. This is probably the most important time in the history of this country after independence. Let us not be cynical and hamper this movement. If possible let us support it, if not let us just step aside and witness the ushering in of a new tomorrow.

There comes a moment when we have to put aside our political and personal differences to look at the larger good of the country and the people in it. Only time will tell if the implemented policies and the necessary governing systems have been efficient or not; but we have to do our bit to stand on the side of truth and justice. We might not like certain political ideologies but we can never shy away from participation.

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