• November 12, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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Q.1)   Was India civilized before the advent of the Aryans? State briefly the extent and striking features of the earlier civilization, if any. [ 20 M,400 W]

Q.2)  Analyze the elements of urban civilization in the Harappan Culture. What factors were responsible for its decline? [20 M,400 W]

Q.3) “The continuity of the Indus Civilization into later ages was not confined to the religious and spiritual fields alone.” Analyse the statement. [20 M,400 W]

Q.4) Discuss  the  water  management  and  its  conservation  planning  in  the  Harappan (Indus-Saraswati) cities. [20 M,400 W]

Q.5)  Do you think the Harappan civilization had a diversity of subsistence base? Explain [15 M,400 W]

Q.6) Discuss the distribution and significance of farming cultures outside the Indus system. [20 M,400 W]

Q.7)  Evaluate  the  significance  of  seals  and  sealings  in  the  reconstruction  of  socio-economic and religious life of the Harappan people. [20 M,400 W]

Q.8)  Discuss the pattern of trade during the Indus Valley civilization. How far did it affect the nature of contemporary settlements in the Indian sub-continent? [20 M,400 W ]

Q.9) The decline of Harappan civilization was caused by ecological degradation rather than external invasion. Discuss. [15 M,300 W]

                                                           MAP WORK : MESOLITHIC SITES

  1. Rajasthan
    • Bagor on the river Kothari ( the largest Mesolithic site in India).
    • Tilwara
  1. Gujarat
    • Langhnaj, Akhaj, Valasana, Hirpur(All are in Mehsana district) :- Langhnaj is the most extensively studied site in the state.
    • Loteshwar
    • Ratanpura
  1. Uttar Pradesh
    • Sarai Nahar Rai in the Allahabad­ is the most extensively studied Mesolithic site in the state.
    • Morhana Pahar and Lekhahia are two other important Mesolithic sites (Both are almost together)
    • Chopani Mando (Important)
    • Damdama
    • Mahadaha
    • Mahagara
  1. Bihar
    • Paisra (In Munger District)
    • Madhya Pradesh
    • Bhimbetka
    • Adamgarh
    • West Bengal
    • Birbhanpur
  1. Orissa
    • Mayurbhanj
    • Keonjhar
    • Jharkhand
    • Chhota Nagpur plateau

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