TLP 2016 OPTIONAL – Geography [Day 65]

  • November 12, 2016
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Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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Must Refer to Geography Plan and StrategyClick Here

Think Learn & Perform (TLP) : Geography [Day 65]


1. On the outline map of India provided to you, mark the location of all of the following. Write in your QCA Booklet the significance of the locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry: (2 x 5 =10 marks)

  1. Bhagalpur
  2. Mundra
  3. Shipki La
  4. Gandak river
  5. Garo hills

2. Briefly explain the following terms in not more than 50 words each: (5 x 5 =25 marks)

  1. Fold mountains
  2. Block mountains
  3. Origin of Himalayas
  4. Pacific Ring of Fire
  5. Undersea vulcanism

3. Explain in detail the concept of plate tectonics and isostacy. Also discuss their roles in orogeny. (20 marks)

4. What are the factors that lead to vulcanism? Also discuss the distribution of volcanoes in the world. (15 marks)

5. Write a short note ‘geosynclines and orogeny’. (15 marks)

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