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  • December 7, 2016
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China’s dual terrorism policy


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TOPIC: General Studies 3

  • India and its neighbourhood- relations.
  • Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests
  • Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests


In a veiled attack on India, china has said that countries should not gain political mileage on counter terrorism. It comes couple of days after china extended its technical hold on India’s bid to ban Masood Azhar in UN.

China’s dual speak on terrorism

India’s stand on terrorism is loud and clear and UN should take action against terrorists.

But China has been playing a double game with India as far as diplomatic relations are concerned and they go back to 1962.

China is asking not to use counter terrorism plank for political gains, other hand, Azhar not should not be designated as terrorist by UN.

Also, China has blamed US and other Western countries of doublespeak on terrorism but even they have expressed concerns over China’s iron fist approach to deal with extremist elements in Xinjiang.

China of late is complaining about Xinjiang province in southern china. Large Muslim population which it has not been able to handle it properly for long. It takes help of Pakistan to in tackling East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an extremists group in Xinjiang but also supports Pakistan when India accuses it for promoting cross border terrorism.

So, while accusing India, China is also facing same problem which India is facing in Kashmir. Then there was Tibet issue when Dalai Lama had to come to India and take asylum. That’s how relationship started deteriorating with China. So, China is suffering on account of its internal problems and it is trying to divert the attention by saying that it is happening in India. Hence, both Pakistan and China are trying to use Kashmir as trump card against India.

In BRICS, they did not say anything on terrorism but once it was over, china supported Pakistan and said it had made sacrifices.

Change in geopolitical situation?

Russia is coming close to Pakistan, China is already an ‘all weather friend’ of Pakistan but US is having some problem with Pakistan. This shows that in diplomacy, relationship not of permanent nature. Friends into adversaries in changing situations. India’s relations with USSR were very close and India was considered to be a part of ally of Soviet Union. Now times changed. Russia is taking stand on issue to issue basis and depending upon given situation.

India and NSG

India’s desire to gain NSG membership long standing and China is playing a dual game where sometime it says they will negotiate but they don’t define the terms of negotiations. They have not said yes or no hence it seems that china is playing some kind of diplomatic game. There are reports that suggest that China may support India’s bid on NSG. It would be quid pro quo and China will bargain it with India.

Engaging with China

During UPA tenure, there were talks about India and china and that the contentious issue be put on back burner and there should be more economic cooperation in trade and business. The trade between both countries is certainly up. Chinese goods is available in India as it knows India is big consumer market. China is little worried about smuggling and illegal trade happening from North east side but it would like the trade to go up. This Initiative was taken by Rajiv Gandhi when he talked about business putting aside the disputes. He believed that trade is best way to cement any misunderstanding and further augmentise between two countries.

But at the same time China tries to invade Indian Territory. Though they are not of serious nature as local commanders get adventurous in such matters. But there is no apparent or continuous indication that Chinese army is being intrusive. Pakistan’s army role is more dangerous than China’s army. India has good diplomatic relation with China.

Today, Chinese language is important role in bringing culture and international relation closer. So, these indicators point out that India is on right track.

Border issue is one of the most contentious issue between both the countries. Unfortunately, no solution has been found yet. But, the solution is simply to vacate the Indian land which the Chinese have grabbed. They want to negotiate on land for which India is not ready. India is not ready to give up its land nor formally accept to let the situation be fait accompli. So there is continuous demand for talks. India is trying to improve relation but it is not happening at desired pace.

India doesn’t have consistent policy with China as it has with USA or other European and Asian countries. Sino Indian relations are of fluid nature and any stability in near future is least expected.

India has to deal with China by keeping the talks going, open new fronts where participation in sports, culture happen. These have different dimensions where people of different sections of society participate. On paper might not happening, but reality it is happening on various fronts.

Though many people think that China’s behaviour and approach and good relations cannot go simultaneously. But one has to understand that in diplomacy, there are many facts that go parallel with each other. India fights with china but also continues trade. Soft diplomacy should continue like Heads of State making bilateral visits, more sports and cultural engagements etc.

Connecting the dots:

  • Does China’s policy on dual terrorism affect India? Discuss its impact on geopolitical situation.


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