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  • January 15, 2017
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Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Power of Meditation:

For young and enthusiastic individuals who have a desire to understand themselves and the world around; for those who have a desire to perfect their lives through the fine tuning of their mental and physical faculties; for those who want to reach to the pinnacle of their possibilities, meditation is a god sent gift.

Unlike the contrary belief that meditation is for those who have serious mental or physical health issues, usually prescribed by a doctor, the truth remains that meditation is for everybody, especially for the creative, young adventurous minds.

Everything you want to accomplish in the world can happen only through your personal will and action. Everything you want to create on the outside will have its beginning on the inside. What you are within the depths of your mind and heart is what you can offer to the world.

The world more often than not is complicated and unsupportive to your personal dreams and desires. It takes enormous strength of character and determination to put forth your best self amidst of discouraging and disheartening situations of life. The only thing you can rely on in times of need is your own inner strength.

Building this inner strength happens through the process of meditation. Meditation is a marvellous science of looking into the depths of your dreams, desires, fears, emotions and all other thought processes so that you can eventually make sense of them and learn to use it to your advantage.

Meditation is quite literally a torch of the soul. Using this tool you can enter the deep dark recesses of your complicated self to explore and see for yourself what you are made of. The more you are able to use this faculty, the more you will be able to understand and enlighten yourself.

Work, Study, Family, Relationships, Social Responsibility, Success, Peace, Relaxation and a host of other various dimensions of life can be illuminated using the power of meditation. No wonder it has been passed down over thousands of years in spite of all the social, economic and cultural transformations and disruptions happening all around us.

Just like any other tool of science, meditation works only when we spend some time understanding how it works. Meditation is not specific to any religion, custom or tradition; as long as you have a breath to watch, you can meditate. There a lot of cool things you can do on the outside to keep your mind occupied, but only meditation can keep you cool from the inside. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

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