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  • April 26, 2017
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Very few people know the power of silence. Human mind is so much addicted to noise that silence seems like a very boring and useless thing to contemplate on. Only when explored its depths will silence reveal its mystery and magic.

The most important quality of life is that growth happens only in silence. Womb of silence is the birthplace of life. A child takes birth through silence, a plant grows in silence, ideas are generated in silence, dreams are nurtured in silence; all the most wonderful qualities of life emerge out of silence.

If you are able to set aside your doubting mind for a few moments and spend some quality time in quiet contemplation of your mind; a new understanding of yourself and your life emerges. Silence is the background on which the game of life is played. If you are able to understand silence, you will be able to understand life.

It is said that silence heals all the wounds inflicted by the mind on the soul. Mind is a very simple mechanism; it knows only how to dream and how to suffer in the process of making that dream a reality. Silence is the companion with whom you can just be yourself.

Silence doesn’t question, doesn’t judge, doesn’t criticize, doesn’t fight, and doesn’t insult. The only purpose of silence is to help you reflect on life so that you can understand it better. Silence is the ultimate teacher of life. The best teachers of the world can only lead you to silence.

There are some simple and beautiful methods of exploring silence. The most wonderful of them all is meditation. Meditation is a direct doorway to silence; it is a way to move beyond the clutter and noise of the mind so that you can discover the silence within you.

One hour of meditation every day will help you to understand the inner mechanism of your mind. Meditation helps you to understand the underlying purpose of your thoughts; it helps you to know the motive of your actions. It also makes way for simple appreciation of life and all its intricate functions.

Music is another way of appreciating and understanding silence. This might sound contradicting but those who have explored the depths of music understand that the most beautiful quality of music is not the sound; rather it is the silence that is created in between two sounds. There is only one purpose of music; it is to glorify silence.

There are numerous other methods to explore silence. Give yourself a chance to experience your inner silence. You will never be the same again.

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