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Hello Friends,

With immense pleasure, we are proud to tell you that one of our Offline Students, Sai Kiran D N, has secured AIR-52 in IFoS, Civil Services Examination, 2016.

Sai Kiran joined us for the Mains Offline batch 2016. He was one of the two guys who wrote IFoS Mains from IASbaba. He was a very sincere and dedicated student, was very regular to all the classes and tests.

Kudos to Sai Kiran for his hardwork 🙂

Rank in IFoS-2016 52
Roll No 0090690
Age 25
No of attempts 2nd
Home town TIRUMALA
Work Experience TCS, Chennai(13months)
UPSC exams CAPF(AC)-CRPF-2013

CSE Mains-2014,15,16

Details of Coaching AspireIas(Delhi), IASbaba(Bengaluru),
Copper Age(Davanagere)
Schooling CBSE(English)
Graduation BE (ECE), PESIT (Bangalore)
Hobbies Travelling and Long Bike Rides



The Flashback of every Aspirant preparing for any Competitive Exam


I reached Delhi after resigning Job in TCS (Chennai) to pursue civil Services. Because I always believed that more than a job, love to do service, which I got deeply influenced and nurtured from family staying at Tirumala,Tirupathi.

It all started with this single step i.e. “To Serve”, I really wanted to give a good try to this exam as it is said that “ You Never failed, You Never tried” .But I am happy that failure thought me best lesson, probably success couldn’t do.

When I turn back its four years of my life that I have struggled. I was confused whether am I gambling with my life or investing for my better to build back strong.(Missed IFoS 2015 by 2 marks)

One thing was clear in my mind that I should do my “karma”, so I kept working hard.

Everything in the world will have Happy ending, if it’s not happy then it’s not the end


Prelims Strategy

Prelims exam is all about thorough knowledge in subject and application with high accuracy.This can be possible with maximum revision exercise and practicing MCQ’s in exam centre like conditions. (I solved many question papers and IASBABA has one of the best quality) .In test series it is better to follow elimination method (which worked for me to get around 140 in 2016 prelims). Read limited books and revise them at least three times before examination including current affairs. A fair mixture of current affairs and static subject is must for examination.


Mains Strategy

One should not neglect English language paper, it can be game changer in the exam ( marks are counted). Practicing essay, report and letter writing and most importantly precise writing can help to get better marks.

General knowledge paper do not require any new reading, a track of current affairs along with revision of prelims syllabus would be sufficient for most of the questions.  High Marks in GK and English papers can increase chances of selection….

My optionals are popular Jodi Forestry and Geology…And my optional in CSE is geography(but not much helpful in geology ?



Paper – I ,Section-A  Indianforestry book by manikandan…..If time is constarint than section b with technical portion of silviculture can help in getting good marks.

  1. Silviculture – General
  2. Silviculture-Systems
  3. Silviculture – Mangrove and Cold desert
  4. Silviculture of trees

***   below app can be useful? in trees uses.



Section  B manikandan book along with Shankarias environment module

  1. Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Fores-govt policy with good case studies is must
  2. Forest Soils, soil Conservation and Watershed Management
  3. Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity
  4. Tree Improvement and Seed Technology


Paper – II

Section-A manikandan forestry book- section A to be seen as a single unit in reading….(eg…Forest management uses tools like workingplan, measurements, survey, mapping, normal forest attainment etc….)

  1. Forest Management and Management Systems- should read in combination with silvicultural systems and mensuration.
  2. Forest Working Plan
  3. Forest Mensuration and Remote Sensing
  4. Surveying and Forest Engineering

Section- B …Economic value of? forests and how to protect forests can be learnt from this section…Current affairs should be added to get good marks….

  1. Forest Ecology and Ethnobotany
  2. Forest Resources and Utilization
  3. Forest Protection & wildlife Biology
  4. Forest Economics and Legislation

Some current events can be updated from www.geographyandyou.com


Preparing synopsis of answers from old question papers can fetch good marks in forestry and geology

Almost everyone with Forestry?optional read manikandan…..But addition of examples, writing scientific names of? species, examples of silviculturalsystems used in Indian Forests, agroforestry examples….Etc can make the answers different from others…



Reference: geology by K m bhangar, some topics can be covered from below link http://www.tulane.edu/~sanelson/eens212/#Lecture%20Notes

And other Internet searches……

Paper – I


(i) General Geology

ii) Geomorphology and Remote Sensing-major part of geomorphology can be covered from savindar Singh or any geography optional notes(available with at least one of your friend for sure?)

iii) Structural geology

Section- B

(iv) Paleontology

(v) Stratigraphy and Geology of India

vi) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Paper – II

Section-A ….First start with mineralogy and their properties , later in each  section major focus should be on rock composition , structure, their formations…..

(i) Mineralogy… Difference between different groups and examples.

ii) Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

iii) Sedimentology …More focus on structure and environment

Section-B along with Internetsearch try to add good examples ..

(iv) Economic Geology

v) Mining Geology….Cover the mineral policy and new initiatives from govt website….

vi) Geochemistry and Environmental Geology


Above link is informative and also gives Insight about Indian geological perspective…

Also read about Geological? monuments of India


These can be used in examples……Individual topics are also available in YouTube.

Prepare synopsis of some important topics like rocks, structure, fossils and their formations, acf/akf diagrams, phase diagrams etc for quick revision….And of previous question papers without fail…..This notes can help in fetching better marks….



My experience with IASbaba

IASbaba, a unique team which is delivering quality out put which is perfectly oriented towards UPSC’s changing trend.I started following baba during prelims 2016 preparation and took the online test series which helped me to get good score, later joined offline mains and geography test series which helped me in forest service examination also……It is not a regular classroom? structure but emphasised more on individual interaction and attention which made baba as a true GURU.


“Success does not lie in results but in efforts. Being the best is not so important “doing” the best is all that matters…..”

I thank almighty, teachers, grandparents, parents, and friends for being there with me during this beautiful journey…..

 JAI HIND – Sai Kiran

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