IASbaba’s Revision Module for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2017: Economic Survey 2017

Hello Friends

Hope you all are preparing with full effort and are able to do justice to your preparation journey. At this point of time it is very important to revise all the important stuffs that are crucial for upcoming exam. So how are you revising?

Revision is not to go through everything that you come across throughout your preparation. It is to selectively and smartly go through the relevant from the ocean of irrelevant.

While preparing your own notes from past few months, you do not read or prepare everything of the compilation. Actually it cannot be done with so much of content and bulky compilations.

Revision material should be very precise and to the point. Here we present Mind Maps of Economic Survey in a form that will provide 360 view of the document in very concise manner. A sincere candidate must have gone through Eco Survey and prepared the relevant content from it. This will help you in revising this document and focus on important aspects required for the exam.

We will be posting similar revision modules shortly to ease your preparation.

Go through ECONOMIC SURVEY 2017 – Simplified by IASbaba- Click here

Here you go!

Right Click on images and Save As



All the Best 🙂 


  • ironman

    thanks baba ji for reducing our burden 🙂

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Aaj kal Baba log bahut dhamaal Macha raha hai…ramdev baba in FMCG….Ias baba in civil services prep…

    • ISHAAN

      unbelievable but TRUE YAAR….

      • Mission 2017

        These mindmaps images are not clear..hw u hav downloaded it..thnq

        • ISHAAN


          • Mission 2017

            I downloaded it…but only pdfs got syncd nt images….

          • Mission 2017


          • ANKIT KUMAR JHA

            pls share the link for download of one single pdf file

  • madan kumar k j

    Ty Baba 🇮🇳

  • Radhika

    thank you babji. mindmaps are awesome.

  • santosh

    Thank you babji

  • rahul

    baba ji aapke charan kahan hai….. itne awsm notes vo bhi eco survey … ke thanks you so much………

  • nivedita

    Thnkoo babaji.revision module m waiting 4 eagrly

  • vijay

    Thanks babaji.. superb notes!!


    धन्यवाद, बाबा जी।

  • Captain Cool

    Thanku Baba ji !!! Commendable jobs !!!

  • Abhijit (ABG)

    🙂 🙂

  • Gourav Kumar

    बाबा जी आप अगर न होते तो हम कब का हिमालय पर जा कर बाबा बन जाते ।आपके प्रयास का जितना ही प्रसंशा किया जाय कम है।
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद बाबा जी।

  • Akhil Raghunath

    nanni babaji..

  • Parveen Sirswa

    thank you very much guru ji

    • Mission 2017

      But there is no clarity in images…hw u reading

  • Steps to Download
    1) ‘Right Click’ on the images > Open in New Tab
    2) Delete the resolution part from the URL – eg. “-768×373” and press enter.
    3) The URL will look something like this – “iasbaba.com/wp-content…./…./image1.png”
    4) Right click on the image and Download/Save As



  • Meher chand

    Babaji,,when can we expect other revision modules?

  • 2shar

    thank you babaji

  • vivekwankhede

    Thank you!…

  • Putta

    Only way we can appreciate and thank you for your efforts/guidance/mentoring is by getting our names in final list. Thanks Babaji 🙂

  • Gurpreet singh Pandher

    thank you so much baba ji

  • dinakar reddy

    one single pdf of whole thing? some one help


    when will ILP 2018 start

  • Airavatham

    Herculean effort. Thanks a lot baba.

  • Raging Bull

    Thank you Babaji. This means a lot.

  • VIJAY k


  • chinkara


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