50+ Students from IASbaba clear UPSC Civil Services Exam 2016

Hello Friends

When you a get a rank in UPSC, you feel at the top of the world. It is a feeling that is indescribable. You have to be there, in the shoes of that person, to feel it and cherish the moments that come along. But can you think of the joy and excitement of the teacher whose students came out with flying colours in large numbers? Just imagine the feelings of that GURU! His happiness and satisfaction is much more than the collective joy of all his students combined. His joy isn’t only made of success but also love and care.

We are feeling the same today friends! We can’t describe the extent of our delight. To see our students excel and secure high ranks in UPSC is nothing sort of magic to us. We extend our heartiest congratulations and greetings to all those who have made us proud.

We are delighted to announce here that more than 50 candidates from IASbaba have secured ranks in CSE, 2016 and the numbers are still counting…! We will come up with the final figure soon. But then, it’s not about numbers today! It’s about satisfaction and elation. We might end up at a figure of 100 but what matters is that our efforts have shown up. We worked hard along with our students, mentored them, counselled them, showed them the right path and today they succeed. It could happen only because of our honesty and he dedication of our students.

IASbaba has been a trusted name and our performance adds even more weight and credibility to our reputation. We have been an organic set up and don’t believe in mechanised solutions. We believe in personal touch, our USP. It is the result of our personal guidance and mentoring that ensured continuous evaluation and monitoring of our candidates, resulting in their success. Here, we present the list of all the successful candidates along with few testimonials. Please bear in that the list is partial and provisional. The final list along with more testimonials will follow soon.

List of Candidates

The List is counting 🙂

Rank 4 and Rank 6 in Top 10 are part of our ILP-2016. Many others are part of ILP in the given list. We will be sharing their strategy and experiences soon.

1.       Saumya Pandey 4
2.       Kothamasu Dinesh Kumar 6
3.       Suman Saurav Mohanty 9
4.       Vishwanjali Muralidhar 11
5.       Ganga Singh 33
6.       Naveen Bhat 37
7.       Zaffar Iqbal 39
8.       Nikhil B 107
9.       Bisma Qazi 115
10.   Hitika Vasal 121
11.   Mani Agarwal 126
12.   Nitesh Pandey 141
13.   Vishram Kumar Meena 146
14.   Priyanka M 149
15.   Suruchi Chaudhary 152
16.   Amogh Gopinath 171
17.   Praveen Kumar K J 173
18.   Sundeep Kaushal 174
19.   Vijay Niranjan 244
20.   Arsh verma 251
21.   Meghshree D R 289
22.   Santosh B M 307
23.   Vishwas Shukla 344
24.   Sumit Balecha 368
25.   Kaustav Phany 381
26.   Nimishmabha 386
27.   Sharath Chandra Arroju 425
28.   Kishore 468
29.   Nithan Raj 476
30.  Pawan Kumar 505
31.   Manisha Tomar 514
32.   Rutvik 542
33.   Minhajuddin Nizami 546
34.   Nitin Kudain 563
35.   Alok Pandey 571
36.   Sher Singh Meena 580
37.   Srishti Gupta 594
38.   Upasana 596
39.   Shahabaaz 603
40.   Inabat Khalique 604
41.   Haris Bin Zaman 646
42.   Naveen Soni 660
43.  Ritu Raj 682
44.   Lakkapa Uddapa 688
45.   Pooja Kumari 692
46.   Ravi Kumar Meena 694
47.   Ezaz Ahmad 697
48.   Ashwini Gotyal 698
49.   Hanumatha Raju 748
50.   Ajay Bidari 768
51.   Monisha T M 779
52.   Dyamappa Airani 780
53.   Kuldeep Singh Gunawat 802
54.   Md Mustaque 836
55.   Jyoti 872
56.   Rena Jamil 882
57.   NupurAishwarya 886
58.   Sahil Digra 917
59.   Pramod Nayak 923
60.   Nikhil Srivas 1016
61.   Nayana 1036
62.  Sangeeta Meena 1040

Again our heartiest congratulations to all the successful candidates.It was also a proud day for us for a different reason. IASbaba featured on Television. See Yeshwant Gurukar, co-founder, IASbaba talk about IASbaba and its students.Important Message for All: 


Those who couldn’t taste success in this attempt must realise that their achievements are no small. Having secured a position in top 0.75% of the total candidates is no small success. But yes, some more effort is required to break into the much coveted PDF released by UPSC every year and we are sure that you will do it. IASbaba is there to act as your guide, friend and philosopher.

Keep a tab on the announcements made by IASbaba regarding various online and offline programmes. We are soon starting our OFFLINE CLASSES for 2017 Mains (After Prelims) and 2018 OFFLINE CLASSES (Integrated, Full Time). We are also going to launch our trademark and much famous Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) for 2018 ONLINE Aspirants. This time, it will be better, bigger and even ore comprehensive. Stay connected and stay tuned for new updates.

Enjoy. You have earned it!

2015 Results IASbaba

IASbaba Team

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  • Rachna

    congratulations to IASBABA

  • The Alpha Warrior

    Babaji ki jay ho! Next time it will be more. Hope to be one of them.

    • Thanks dear

      And next time it will have your name too 🙂

  • Simplex

    LBSNAA mein rehna hai to BABA BABA kehna hai. 😀

    Congrats baba jee

    • I.A.S

      sahi kaha

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      THoda sa correction hai.
      Lbsnaa me ghusana hai to baba baba kehna hoga😂😂😂

      • Simplex

        yes yes

      • Piyush study well Man

        Great hope from you

    • Dear

      Hehehe. Nothing like that. Its all your hard work and faith on us. When a player is out to compete, the most heavy shoulders are of his/her coach. Bus wo halka hojata hai aise results se 🙂

      Ab tumhri bari hai 🙂

      • Simplex

        true Baba. Keep us enlightening like this always

    • K S

      hey.. hows prep going man… in the final gear i must say…

      • Simplex

        are KS bhai. kya haal chal. Bas chal rahi hai. Last Lep. urs???

  • Bobde dada

    Really happy for your achievements.

    • Thanks dear

      We will more than happy to see your name 🙂

      • Bobde dada

        Definitely Baba ji..

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Congratulations babaji ,🎯🎯

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  • Sheikh Mehraj

    dear baba, are all the above mentioned qualifiers had taken online coaching from ias baba

    • Hi dear

      Its from both online and offline. We have dedicated program for online too

  • Piyush Bhardwaj

    Congratulation babaji👍👍👌👌👌

    • Thanks so much Piyush

      Now your name is what we are looking forward to 🙂

      • Piyush Bhardwaj

        Sure babaji💪💪👍👍

  • V Kumar

    Congrats all those who have been finally selected.

  • Swati Vikram

    congratulations ias baba team

  • pawan

    IASBaba team you missed me in the list…Got 505 rank in first attempt while working
    Thnx a lot for the Daily fodder you provided…Joined your test series programme and attempted all tests rigorously…Thnx for the gyaan

    • Yogesh Bhatt

      Congro man. You may miss list in IASbaba but not your place in final list of UPSC

    • Mukesh

      Congo Pawan. You will surely be included in the list. Baba Jee will be so happy to se this.

    • Pawan

      We are still counting and it’s honest approval after which we are putting names. Many many congratulations dear.

      We are so proud of you. Your name will be listed. Kindly reach out to us on [email protected] with your contact details asap

    • amir3737

      Sir ji plz share some strategy..how u achieved that while working and manage time..

  • Rohini

    Congratulations! Really happy with the results you have achieved 🙂 Looking forward to be the part of offline programme.

  • lostmonk

    @iasbaba:disqus is there any plan for online students to get their mock test ( of yours ) copies checked by your team for equitable and inclusive resource mobilisation ??? hahaaha congrats for yours students n your success .

    • We will let you know 🙂

  • Zuber Shaikh

    congrats baba for your achievements in feild of upsc guidance

  • Sunil Gupta

    hey baba.
    is there any programme particularly for mains 2017.
    as i didnt opted ur ILP programme earlier….but want to join it for mains.
    waiting for the respose.

    • Offline or Online?

      • Sunil Gupta


      • yes I also want to join

      • kittu

        me too sir….I wish to join Offline for MAins 2017

  • PBN

    Congratulations team!!
    Watching name of friend ..happiness!

  • Shefali Shivashanker

    This is amazing! IAS Baba is doing a good job of breaking the Delhi coaching classes monopoly and making quality study materials more reachable.
    It was fun watching the video. Bengaluru Kannada is always fun to listen to 🙂

  • rahul sharma

    hello baba! please reply to my mail which i had sent u few days back via id- [email protected]

  • Putta

    Feeling inspired after listening to Yash sir and successful candidates. Time to turn to hulk mode and clear first stage. Thanks IASBABA team and congrats to all successful candidates.

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    I m beginner…

  • Ghalib

    Many congratulations @iasbaba:disqus 🙂 Thanks for the guidance!

  • Jagadeesh

    Join this Telegram Channel for updates on IASbaba website

  • Hi,

    If you were a follower of IASbaba and your name is not listed below, please comment below or mail us at [email protected]. We will be very happy to add your name. Thank you 🙂

  • Shashank Mittal

    Congrats Baba 🙂

  • I.A.S

    baba ji please start sociology optional for 2018…………

    • Ankith

      Dont rely on Baba’s sociology program. I was a victim of their 2016 mains sociology test series

      • I.A.S

        i dont believe it will please elaborate……….great help

        • Ankith

          IAS Baba don’t have any dedicated resource for Sociology. Its promoter Yashwant Gurukar dealt with Sociology but paucity of his time (as he was dealing with Essay, 2 GS papers and 2 optionals) has affected the Sociology test series.

          He gave responsibility to Mr. Vamshi (civils aspirant)to conduct test series, Vamshi scored good marks in his previous attempts but couldn’t clear the interview. Secondly, Vamshi is a working professional, so, he has to manage his job, studies and then dedicate time for sociology test series. Yashwant had dumped complete responsibility on Vamshi and for the matter of fact Vamshi did a voluntary job for which he didn’t charge anything from IAS Baba.

          I believed that IASBaba would help me to sail through Sociology, but lack of adequate attention had affected the test series.

          • I.A.S

            thank you for such insight

          • I.A.S

            suggest me some other online coaching for sociology……..mail me if any……[email protected]

          • Ankith

            yup, check your google hangout

          • Ram

            hi ankith,how is the political science optional in ias baba??

  • bitoo prajapati

    Ias baba i want to join your ilp for pre and mains for 2018

  • Thanks very much for sharing such a good information about UPSC 2017 which is very useful to me.

  • Rajesh Arya

    sir ……i want preparation of ias so please help me …..please tell me how preparatrin of upsc ias

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