Rank 4 , CSE -2016: SAUMYA PANDEY from IASbaba’s ILP Program



Dear All,

Bingo ! Its raining ranks at IASbaba !

It is the heartiest moment for IASbaba’s community that, Saumya Pandey has secured Rank-4 in UPSC CSE 2016. She was one of our ILP-2016 Program-2 Student.

We also Congratulate all those who figured on the merit list.

For those who did not IASbaba is always with you and we will next time!

We are happy to announce that IASBaba has got outstanding results for 2016.

We are delighted to announce that IASBaba has got outstanding results for 2016. We will be sharing complete list by End Of Day (EOD).


Here we are sharing Saumya Pandey (Rank 4 ) ILP admission credentials. In a time when each and every one wants to claim the successful and disown the failed, IASbaba wants to set the right standard.

Her success is even more special to us as she is our Online student. We had a vision that a even candidate sitting in a remote Indian town/ village should be able to clear CSE with our help. Her success is a testimony to our vision and we can’t be happier.




Integrated learning Program (ILP) is a complete and only comprehensive program online!! We promise that we will make it even better and more comprehensive for 2018.

Thank You

IASbaba team

  • Sanki_Procrastinator

    Many congratulations to the baba team!!

    • Thank so much dear. We will come up even better this time. 🙂

  • Kumar Harsh

    Suggestion: I think it’s better to smudge her email-id. People might start spamming.

    • Thanks Harsh. We removed it that very moment

  • Rishav raj

    Great work …!! IAsBaba(team)

    • Thank You Raj

      We are trying our best and your hard work makes it even better..

  • Bhaisaab

    Happy to see someone in top Rank from Allahabad.
    Thanks for being an inspiration mam……and Iasbaba -you are wonderfull.

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Congratulations to Babaji & mam

    • Pankaj

      Thank you so much. You should be there soon 🙂

      • Pankaj Nimbolkar

        Yes babaji.

        I m trying my best.

  • Rachna

    congratulations to IASBABA 🙂

    • Thanks Rachna. Now waiting for your name 🙂

      • Rachna

        Thank you for showing faith in me.
        you will definitely see my name in the final list this time.

  • Parishkrat

    Congrats Baba team….Your credibility is on rise ! .

    • Dear

      You guys are our credibility. With your hard work and faith on us, we will shine together 🙂 Now its your turn

      • Parishkrat

        Thank you ….. We will !

  • DX

    bs ek!!! You can do better.

    • Mansha Singh

      They simply mentioned to post complete list later (must be updating as per confirmations)

      Look at the good side and happy moment that one of us cracked with top rank and she deserved to be mentioned as part of IASbaba community. They are already doing better if you see things with open eyes

      • Mansha

        Thanks for your words. We will come up stronger to meet everyone’s expectations 🙂

    • We will try our best dear. 🙂

  • Jeffrey Reyzr Khobung

    We are wishing the same to happen to Us….. Haha
    waiting for the day to Shout out Loud,”All Hail IASBaba!!!”

    • Dear

      Thanks so much. Now is your turn. Expectation is high from you 🙂

      • Jeffrey Reyzr Khobung

        indeed!! Bless Us
        IASBaba ka Naam zaroor Roshan karengge hum



  • Anand

    congrats babaji

    • Anand

      Now its your turn. Make us proud 🙂 Thanks so much

      • Shubham Panwar

        Baba g.
        Why is she faking the aspirants.
        She said she took help only from your ilp , after that in a video I saw her saying she studied at Dhyey institute and after that she in said She took guidance from Chanakya…..
        Why is she fooling us ?

        • Mansha Singh


          I know her personally. Though she joined Dheya, she didn’t go for classes after few days knowing the poor quality teaching and support. You do not know these coaching institutes. Just after the results, they chased her like hell.

          If you notice in the dheya video- Did she say any extensive thing about Dheya?

          Yahan to sirf form bharne pe Nam Chap dete hain LOL

          She took only Mock Interview from chanakya (Its normal- many aspirants take 2-3 mock interviews from here and there)

          She is not fooling but should have clearly avoided that she didn’t go for any coaching (she made a mistake there)

          • Shubham Panwar

            It is not just a mistake brother, it is a crime.
            Innocent, immature aspirants follow them blindly, they must be cautious while making any statement.

  • Amareek

    congrats IASbaba ji…

    • Amareek

      Waiting for your name now 🙂 Thanks

  • Vijay

    Great job by team IASBaba. Please make online tlp on far with offline …thank you

  • Amarpreet Singh

    Congratulations team…. I really appreciate your hard work….

  • AR

    Saw your talk on public TV Sir, was inspiring.

  • Hi,

    If you were a follower of IASbaba and your name is not listed below, please comment below or mail us at [email protected]. We will be very happy to add your name. Thank you

  • praga12

    Sir, i Have enrolled for 2018 ILP course. I have not got any login credentials. Kindly look into this.

  • Spot

    Course joined was for GS or Geog? Her marks in paper1/geo was phenomenal.

  • Gautam Singh

    Sir why not share her geo optional strategy in detail!

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