IASbaba’s TLP MAINS 2017 OFFLINE PROGRAMME- Inclusive of 30 FREE Seats+Library and Study Centre for 150 Students!

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  • June 22, 2017
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IASbaba's OFFLINE Class 2017
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Dear Friends,

We thank you for the countless “Thank you” we have received for the success in UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2016 and performance in Prelims 2017.

Please forgive us if we are not able to reply to each one of you as we are very pressed on time and lot of important issues waiting to happen.

Now that we have got you through prelims it falls upon us to see that you get through the next stage.

Last year we have had countless stories from our TLP Offline (MAINS)  Programme 

Naveen Bhat (Rank 37) , Priyanka (IAS) , Ajay Bidari (IRS), Nimishambha (IRS) , Rutvik Malaviya(IRS) and numerous others passing out successfully.

We are sharing the testimonials from our Mains 2016 Offline Student

Rank 425, Sharath Chandra:

Shourya Sharma: 

Score Card before Joining our Offline Class

Score Card after Joining our Offline Class


And the BIG SURPRISE this year is that 30 SEATS in TLP (Offline) will be completely free for General Studies!

Others will be charged a very nominal fee.

We would have 20 classroom tests , 10 take home tests and 18 power packed classes.

These classes will be in transformational in nature.

For example : Our strategy for ethics would probably help you optimize the subject in mere 2 classes.

We expect that one who is well versed in basics to enroll with us. We will add the topping on the desert you would cherish to become.

Kindly REGISTER Only if you are interested in joining our Offline Mains Programme- Click Here 


You can directly come over to office and enroll for the Programme 

Our Official Address– No 220, First Floor, 28th Cross, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru-560010, Land Mark- Near KLE College, Navarang

Email ID- iasbabaadmissions2017@gmail.com

Phone Numbers- 9035077800/8602242429 (Between 10 AM to 5 PM)

Classes will begin by first week of July and finish off by  last week of September.

Regarding OPTIONALS – We will provide Test Series for Geography and Anthropology Optional and Guidance for Public Administration, Sociology and Kannada Literature

We understand it is that time of the year when the heat is unbearable. But look at the irony of UPSC; even in this scorching heat, you are supposed to heat up even further!

Gosh! Its tough, isn’t it?

But then, the reward is lucrative. Imagine yourself listening to the President of India in no other than the Rashtrapati Bhawan itself! Or think about the fun that you will have when going on Bharat Darshan! Also think about all the power that you will command by simply cracking one examination! Sounds exciting?

There are many articles, talks, blogs and videos on what it takes to crack the coveted Civil Services Examination (CSE). In all those narratives, you will find one common theme and that is determination. And that is true to a large extent. Imagine a mason having all the tools, materials and skills to build a house. But what if he doesn’t have the will or determination to work? What if he detests hard labour? Will the house ever get built? Of course not.

Somewhere, most of you suffer from the same syndrome. Many of the candidates fail to succeed only because they lack determination or they keep procrastinating. This approach only creates panic and depression when the time approaches fast. Moreover, opportunities are shrinking but competition is ever intensifying. You have to be on your toes and that’s the bare minimum.

IASbaba has always tried to keep you on your toes through its online and offline programs. The flagship TLP Online and Offline initiatives are hugely popular across our followers and this time also we are proud to announce the commencement of TLP Offline and Online for Civil Services Mains, 2017.

Come join us and create history!

Another surprise : IASbaba to open a library and study centre for more than 150 people.

And yes it is completely free for our students. 

Important Note: Details about ONLINE TLP MAINS 2017 will be announced in a day or two 

All the Best

IASbaba Team

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