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  • July 26, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Five Steps to Success:

1) Know who you are

Knowing who you are is probably one of the most important steps in the ladder of success. Knowing who are takes a lot more than just knowing your likes, dislikes and desires. Knowing who you are is a process of understanding your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and values. Knowing who you are is spending enough time with yourself to know how your mind and body functions. Knowing who you are is knowing why you do what you do.

2) Know the world

The second most important step on the ladder of success is knowing how the world works; not just functionally and mechanically but also practically. Knowing why people do what they do; knowing what drives human behavior and how people interact socially, economically and culturally is of paramount importance to understand the dynamics of the world.

3) Find your passion and expression

Without a strong force to drive you constantly towards your passion and your life’s expression, you simply get blown away in a thousand directions by the constant stimulation of the world around. Discovering your passion and your expression helps you to constantly remember your true purpose and work towards it. Very few people can work towards something they do not strongly believe in. The more clearly you know what you want to do, the easier it becomes to do it.

4 Stay focussed

One of the most difficult things to do consistently is focus. If you have not learnt the art of learning how to keep your focus on what you want to accomplish, you will end up loosing your strength and energy in pursuit of things that don’t matter. Most people have no conception of how much focus it takes in order to succeed. Most people begin a task with great enthusiasm and energy only to eventually loose focus and the necessary drive to complete it. Focus is the only thing that can help you to consistently perform certain tasks till they are completed.

5) Let go of past failures

Your ability to quickly bounce back from past failures indicates the level of trust and confidence you have in yourself. Everybody fails. Failure is a constant companion on the journey towards success. If you have not learnt how to let go of your past failures and move on, you will end up wasting enormous amounts of time reflecting on all those things that went wrong. Letting go of your past failures and mistakes keeps you always alert and nimble to take on new challenges.

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