IASbaba’s TLP Anthropology Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1

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IASbaba’s TLP Anthropology Optional 2017 [10th July]: Day 1



Paper 1

1.How did Morgan explain the Evolution of Marriage, Family and Socio-Political organization & how did other Evolutionists disagree with his explanation? (20 Marks)

2. How do Diffusionism & Evolutionism differ as explanations of Culture change? (15 Marks)

3. Point out the differences in the concepts of Classical Evolutionism and neo-evolutionism in socio-cultural anthropology. Which stage of Prehistoric culture is known as cultural evolution and why? (30 Marks)

4. How do the approaches of the 19th century Evolutionists differ from those of the Neo-Evolutionists? Discuss

Paper 2

1. Discuss the contribution of MN Srinivas to the study of Indian society. Examine the influence of British social anthropologists on his ideas. (15 Marks)

2. Discuss the contributions of S. C. Roy to understanding the tribes of India. (20 Marks)

3. Examine the anthropological contributions dealing with tribes and Indian civilization.(25 Marks)

4. Discuss the contributions of H. D. Sankalia to prehistoric anthropology in India.(20 Marks)

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