IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Anthropology [21st July, 2017] – Day 11

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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Anthropology [21st July, 2017] – Day 11



Paper 1

1) What made Geertz’s Interpretative Anthropology distinct from Turner’s Symbolic Anthropology? What does each of them mean by the terms Symbol & Symbolic?

2) Explain the difference between ‘Emic’ & ‘Etic’ and how does the difference derive from the study of language?

3) Bring out the contribution of Turner and Geertz in symbolic and interpretive theories in Anthropology

4) Critically examine the contribution of anthropologists in the interpretation of Symbols

Paper 2

1) Critically examine the concept of Tribe – Caste continuum and its relevance in contemporary India.

2) Define the concept ‘Dominant Caste’ and examine its relevance in the contemporary Indian village with suitable examples.

3) Do you think caste persists in contemporary India? Critically discuss.

4) Tribe Caste continuum

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