IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [14th July]: Day 5

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IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [14th July]: Day 5




1. Explain the relation between Purusha and Prakrti according to Samkhya. Do they satisfactorily explain the relationship? (20 marks)

2. Sarga requires conjugation of Purush and Prakrti. Is the conjugation logically possible? Give reason for your answers. (15 marks)

3. If purusha is nitya mukhta, how is bondage and liberation possible? Give the concept of bondage-liberation and comment on its consistency. (15 marks)

4. Write short notes on –

1) Purusha (10 marks)

2) Prakrti (10 marks)

3) Sarga (10 marks)

5. Explain Samkhyan theory of causation and compare it with other major theories. (15 marks)

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