IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Philosophy [25th Aug, 2017] – Day 34 – Day 40

  • August 25, 2017
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Philosophy  25th Aug, 2017] – Day 34 – Day 40


Day 34 (Forms of Government)

1) Critically examine – “The idea of democracy is paradoxical.”

2) Political democracy is hollow unless accompanied with power in the area of economics.

3) Is theocracy a outdated ideology?

4) Critically Examine – democracy that gives equal weight to everyone’s opinion is inefficient in determining the right or wrong thing to do.

Day 35 (Political Ideologies: Anarchism; Marxism and Socialism)

1) Critically examine – ‘Acceptance of the authority of the state is inconsistent with the highest duty of mankind, ‘the duty to act autonomously” (Robert Paul Wolff)

2) Can it be said that Socialism is a weaker version of Marxism?

3) Political ideology of Anarchism

Day 36 and Day 37 (Humanism; Secularism; Multiculturalism)

1) Critically examine – “Christian humanism is a contradiction in terms.”

2) Is secularism analogous to atheism? Examine in Indian context.

3) Explain descriptive and normative perspectives on Multiculturalism.

4) How do we distinguish liberal humanism and Marxist humanism?

5) What is humanism? What are its different  kinds? In what way if any is M.N. Roy’s radical humanism different from Marxism? Discuss.

6) Does the idea of equal respect to all religion provide a viable and consistent state policy?

7) How does multiculturalism redefine liberal notions like identity, freedom and equality and reformulate its assumptions?

Day 38 (Crime and Punishment)

1) Ca we say that racial supremacy is the main reason for genocide?

2) If capital punishment is legally awarded, thhen no ethico-politico consideration should subvert it. Express your opinion for or against.

3) “You are not punished for stealing the sheep, but you are punished so that no sheep is stolen.” Discuss as to which theory of punishment this statement belongs.

4) Critically examine – “Retributive and deterrent theories of punishment are mutually complementary.”

Day 39 (Development and Social Progress)

1) What do you understand by progress? Have human beings made progress in all fields of their activity? Discuss.

2) Is social progress possible without humanism? Examine

3) By eliminating alienation can we bring social progress?

Day 40 (Gender Discrimination)

1) What is your view, is the source(s) of gender inequlaity? Is it primarily rooted in human biology? In what way, if at all? Can this inequality be bridged? Expalin and defend your position on these issues.

2) Is economic independence essential for equality between men and women?

3) “One is not born woman, but she becomes a woman. Critically comment on it.

4) Examine the land and property rights of women in India. How far do they contribute to empower women?

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