Creative Guidance: Book Review – Be Here Now – Ramdass

  • IAS baba
  • September 10, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba
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Be Here Now – Ramdass

Be here now is a spiritual classic that brought meditation and mindfulness to America. This unusually different book explores the deeper dimensions of spiritual experiences from the point of view of the seeker.

There are countless books on learning how to meditate and explore the spiritual path; Be here now is unusual in a way that it can be read and understood by anybody. The experiences Ramdass describes are so real and so much a part of daily living and questioning, it is impossible to misunderstand it.

He talks about his journey to India in search of spiritual teachers and describes his experiences of being with them. Be here now is a fascinating read if you are willing to let go of some of your prejudices and look at life from the eyes of a seeker.

Enjoy reading this marvelous book; it will introduce you to the deeper dimensions of life in a way you would have never imagined. Some of the experiences shared here will leave you spellbound. This is a must read if you are willing to understand your life better.

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