MOTIVATION: Dream the dream you want to!

  • IASbaba
  • September 10, 2017
  • 13
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Dear Aspirants, 

On a certain day, while sleeping, a woman saw a dream. She saw a hunk of a man, staring at her. As soon as her eyes met his, he started coming closer – closer and closer. Soon he was so close that she could even feel him breathe.

She trembled, and then she asked, “What are you doing? Are you going to do something to me?”

The man replied, “Well, lady, it’s your dream!”

See, that’s the power of a dream. What can or cannot happen in your head is up to you, simply because it is your dream. At least your dream should happen the way you want it, shouldn’t it?

Agreed; that the world cannot happen according to what I or you want, but your thoughts and emotions should happen the way you want them to.

Come to think of it. Aren’t we, human beings, the greatest piece of technology walking on the planet? And if we are, do you ever wonder where your mouse or keyboard lies? Yes, the problem is you don’t know where the keyboard is. It’s like you are handling a supercomputer, but with an axe!

Put simply, our inner mechanism is in a total mess. For the pursuit of happiness, we have always believed that it is the outer conditions that require fixing. And boy, are we wrong enough!

We need to understand that unless we do the right things, the right things will not happen to us.

Every single day some of you are struggling with the notes that you need to make, the portion that you need to complete, and then there are days when you feel like you are up to no good. Doubt pushes you to the brink of exhaustion and you start feeling dejected. Sad!

One can bullshit oneself into all kinds of emotional states, destroy one’s well-being, but the problem is going to remain the same. The weather might bring the rain down. The stock market could collapse. The stars might come crashing down. And even if the trees in front of your building does not collapse, living in anticipation that it might be, will bring your spirits down. Won’t that be worse than the actual disaster?

As long as you tie your inner life and inner well-being to external situations, it will never be a good situation and will always remain a precarious condition.

Dear reader, what do you then think is the way out?

The way out is a very simple change in direction. Stop and think – is not the source and basis of all your experiences hidden within you? So, do not worry about what will tomorrow bring. Let not the fear of the unseen and unheard of; bring your spirits to create wonders down.

Always stay in the pursuit of happiness by dreaming the dream that you want to turn true.

The nation awaits you, dear aspirant. Shine bright!


Your friend, philosopher and guide

IASbaba 🙂

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