IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Anthropology [19th Sep, 2017] – Day 60

  • September 19, 2017
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Anthropology [19th Sep, 2017] – Day 60


Paper 1

1) ABO and Rh blood group distribution in human populations

2) Evaluate genetic heterogeneity of ABC, Rh and Gm antigens. Discuss how the principal Human groups can be distinguished on the basis of their blood antigen characteristics.

3)  Critically examine the physiological responses and Acclimatization to cold climate in man.

4) What are the stresses at high altitudes? How do better cardiorespiratory functions help the native highlanders in combating low environmental pressure?

Paper 2

1) Critically examine the National Policy on Rehabilitation and Resettlement substantiating it with experiences from different parts of India.

2) Forest Rights Act—2006.

3) Discuss the problem of displaced tribal communities with the help of recent examples.

4) The impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on tribal women.

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