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  • IAS baba
  • November 19, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Happy for No Reason:

If there is something that distinctly stands out as a unique expression of human existence, it has to be the constant pursuit of happiness. The whole of humanity is driven by this single most all empowering desire to find happiness. Everything we have achieved and lost is probably because of this endeavor.

Everybody is searching. Most of the time what we are searching for seems to be very close and yet always just beyond our reach. Only when we have lived long enough do we really understand that what we are searching for will always be out of reach; the very nature of our searching and desiring puts things at an unreachable distance.

There is no other greater cause of worry, frustration and anxiety than being extremely close to achieving something and always missing it. This is why we suffer. We suffer not because we are too far away from what we want and we can’t seem to get to it; we suffer because everything is just at a grasping distance and when we stretch our hands out to grab it, it moves a little farther.

The reason for this is what we are searching for is not an actual physical distinguishable reality that is waiting for us somewhere in our future. What we are searching for is a product of our own imagination. We are suffering our own intelligence and imagination. Imagination is so powerful that it can generate new thought patterns and desires at a much faster pace than you can ever imagine of achieving all of them.

To understand this constant imaginative nature of our mind is probably the most important knowledge one has to possess in order to understand and find happiness. We have to recognize that our ability to create desires will always keep us in a constant state of worry, even if we are extremely efficient in accomplishing all our tasking and attaining to our dreams.

This doesn’t mean that pursuit of a better life and happiness is a futile exercise. The only way we can add some meaning to our lives is by pursuing a desire that we are passionate about. Without a purpose to drive our actions, we are simply lost. But this doesn’t mean that we will find the happiness we are searching for somewhere in the future.

Happiness isn’t a destination; it is hidden in the very process of trying to pursue it. Happiness is always in the present moment, while are desires and actions are always somewhere in the future. Happiness isn’t something we can find as a consequence of achieving or attaining something. It is much more plain and simple; at every moment of our lives, we are either happy or not; there is no process to attaining happiness.

Happiness is not a result of our actions; it is rather the foundation of everything we do. Only when we recognize that happiness is an instant state we can generate within ourselves, irrespective of our external environment, we can attain to happiness. To be happy for no reason is the only happiness we can truly experience.

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