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  • November 26, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Inner Life:

Life is probably the most discussed topic on earth. It has to be! What else is more important than understanding the purpose of our lives and our true place in it? We have been exposed to all kinds of theories and concepts of life. There is a new discover lurking in almost every corner of our daily twists and turns of life. Yet, life is still a mystery.

The whole problem in understanding life is that we cannot understand it objectively from the outside. All explanations, ideas and conclusions drawn about life come from another individual outside of you. What you know is simply a collection of borrowed and accumulated knowledge.

How ever realistic a narration of an experience can be, it can never become your experience. You will never know the taste of coffee if you have not tasted it. Even if the whole world drinks coffee and tries to explain the taste of it in a billion ways, with countless books, you will still never get the actual taste of coffee.

Life is personal. It is your journey, period. The only way to make sense of life is by making sense of your individual life. As long as your personal life remains a mystery, life itself will remain a mystery. There is no point in accumulating unwanted knowledge about the general principals of life. You have to look within to find the answers.

There is something magical about looking within and finding answers to all your questions of life, experientially. When you start seeing what is happening within you, you will be amazed at how differently life is organized inside of you as compared to the understanding of the world around you.

There has only been one rebellion in this world. It is the rebellion of the individual spirit that has experienced the nature of reality within it, against the theories and concepts from the outside. A person who has looked within has never been disappointed. An individual who has looked within and understood himself almost becomes a totally new species. His understanding of life is always complete and true.

If your life is still a mystery; if you are still not sure about who you are and what you are doing here. Then it is time to embark on an experiential journey into your inner life. It is time to embrace certain simple and effective techniques of mindfulness and meditation to understand who you are from the inside. It is time to start seeing the world from a new perspective; from your perspective.

Everything begins to change and fall into place magically, the moment you start seeing things from your perspective. Life itself springs back to life to reveal its marvelous secretes if you are willing to see it with an uncluttered pure mind. You will know what to do with your life intuitively.

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