Creative Guidance: Book Review – The feeling of what happens – Antonio Damasio

  • IAS baba
  • November 26, 2017
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The feeling of what happens:

The feeling of what happens’ is a beautiful book my Antonio Damasio. It is a book that talks about body and emotion in the making of consciousness. The New York Times book review says that it is one of the best Brain stories of the decade.

In his elegant and scientific style, Antonio Damasio takes us into the world of thoughts, emotions, brain and consciousness. It is a brilliant scientific exposition on the formation of thoughts and creation of consciousness.

He discusses human consciousness from the perspective of a neuroscientist. The nature of consciousness and how it is formed has been one of the fundamental questions of humanity. Antonio explores the understanding of formation of consciousness as a result of intricate thought patterns.

This is a new and dynamic theory on the understanding of the human brain and the formation of consciousness. Read this book to dive into the marvelous and mysterious realms of the human brain.

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