Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Leader who had no Title – Robin Sharma

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  • February 23, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba
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The Leader who had no Title:

Robin Sharma has a Knack of communicating ideas and concepts in a way that it seeps in automatically into your deeper psyche. His fable like story telling format illuminates an idea and makes it readily available to the absorption of the reader.

What he talks about our simply things that are relevant to daily living. But where is gets separated from other authors in his story telling style and manner. He weaves the message and essence of his book in a clean and neat entertainment format.

‘The Leader who had no Title’ is a business book about how anybody can be a leader. According to Sharma, it does not take a title to become a leader. A person in an organization need not wait for a designation of a leader to start leading. Anybody can be a leader, just being where they are.

This idea is not just relevant in the business context. It is also applicable in daily living, irrespective of where we are and irrespective of what we are doing. Leadership is a quality; it has nothing to do with title. If you develop this quality, you will begin to lead wherever you are.

Enjoy reading this simple and beautiful book that will illuminate your understanding of yourself and your leadership qualities.


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