IASbaba’s Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP)-Interview Discussion [Day 25]

  • IASbaba
  • February 27, 2018
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Interview Discussion-Think Rethink & Perform (TRP)
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Interview Discussion: Think, Rethink and Perform; (TRP)- Day 25


Set 1: Ask these questions to yourself; contemplate and come out with a concrete answer (not to be discussed on this forum). Invest at least 30 minutes on this set of questions.

  • Do you have a clear mind? Do you have clarity of purpose?
  • A person who doesn’t have clarity of life and purpose fails to succeed. Have you ever thought that way? What can be its consequence?
  • Why do people clutter their minds? Why having clarity is so difficult today? Think about it.

Set 2: Analyse the following issue:

Are we witnessing an India of jobless growth? What are the factors behind unemployment in India?  Have initiatives like Make In India, Start Up India etc failed? What measures can be taken to improve the job prospects in a country of millions of jobseekers?  

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