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  • March 4, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Stress and Creativity:

Stress is a state of mind where you have more thoughts flowing through your head than you can handle at any one point in time. Stress is simply the traffic jam of the mind. The triggering point for this stress is fear. Emotional, psychological, social or physical fear leads to stress.

We all know the adverse effects of stress on the mind and the body. It is almost impossible to function when you are in severe stress. And in those moments when your stress levels are moderate to manageable, you can function but with no creative impulse.

Most people struggle to handle the daily challenges of life because they wake up from bed in the morning stressed and continue to move throughout the day in a stressful state. Stress simply hides all the problems without ever giving an opportunity to the mind to see clear solutions.

If creativity is the ability to be in the present moment to respond to daily challenges, then stress is the exact opposite of it. Stress is being so obsessed or fearful of certain things that they occupy your mind so completely that you are unable to be in this present moment to deal with what is happening around you.

Just imagine you are learning to drive a car for the first time; you are behind the steering wheel for the first time and someone gives you a mathematical problem to solve. Trying to come up with creative solutions while being stressed is like trying to drive the car for the first time while solving a math problem. Even if somehow you manage to solve the problem, the solution will be all wrong.

Stress is not a state of panic attack. Stress is a continuous flowing stream of agitation and disturbance. Stress is a state of constant worry, anxiety and fear. This is the kind of stress you need to guard yourself against the most. This is the stress that is the hardest to notice and has the greatest impact on your mental ability. The stress that doesn’t kill you but at the same time doesn’t allow you to live is the stress you need understand the most.

Firstly, just becoming aware of this constant stress is a breakthrough. Once you become aware of your triggering points and causes of stress, it becomes very easy to handle it. The more you observe your patterns of stress; you will notice how idiotic and unnecessary most of your stressing is. You are stressed simply because you know how to get stressed. There is no absolute real cause of stress. It is all up there in your mind.

Once you are able to go beyond this constant stress, you become a dynamite of creativity and energy. A mind that is stress free is so spontaneous and agile that no challenge is beyond its capabilities. Only a stress free mind can unleash your true potential. Beyond stress is the real you.

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