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  • IAS baba
  • April 8, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Nurturing a Dream:

It does not take any great skill or talent to dream big. If given an opportunity everybody dreams big. Dreaming big by itself does not make you special or unique. Every dog wants to chew on the biggest bone and every man wants to make it big in life; there is absolutely no big deal about dreaming big.

If you think that you have big dreams and just because you dream big, people around you should love you and respect you, you are in for a rude shock. People really don’t care about your dreams. Dreams belong to your private domain; they cannot impress anybody on the outside. The more you try to assert your big dreams on people around you, the smaller you become in their eyes.

A dream is not meant for taking on a parade to showcase its grandness. Rather a dream is a silent inner longing. It takes a divine reverence to protect and nurture a dream; boastful show of it only destroys it. When you are pregnant with a great dream, you become something different; you become quiet and secretive about it. Something changes in you when you are infused with a real dream.

You walk differently, talk differently, think differently, eat differently and sleep differently when you are nurturing a dream. People around you will find it difficult to connect with you. They can notice that something has gone wrong with you but they cannot tell what that is. When you nurture a dream, you become mysterious to yourself and to people around you.

Only a deep silent longing is a sign that you have begun to nurture a great dream; a dream that will consume your entire being and will eventually come to define you as a person. Finding a great dream is like finding a precious diamond; you don’t run around announcing that you have found it, rather you keep it a secret.

There is something in the very nature of the mind that nurtures and protects a secret better than something that is open and visible to all. By the very nature of the mind, you will lose interest in your dream if you don’t keep it a secret. Secrecy increases the longing and helps it acquire new creative expressions.

It does not matter if you have found a great dream or a great dream has found you, what is more important is learning how to protect and nurture it. Nurturing a dream is almost like starting a fire, it is best done when you find a quiet corner and work towards kindling it. Almost 90% of your work to nurture this dream has to be done within you, in secret. It takes patience and effort to nurture a dream. Nurturing a dream is infinitely more difficult than finding a dream.

Just pause for a moment and ask yourself this question. Have you found a great dream to work towards? If the answer is yes then tell yourself that there is absolutely nothing special about it, everybody finds a great dream. Then ask yourself another question. Do you know how to nurture and protect a dream? If the answer is no, then your actual work has just begun.

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