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  • IAS baba
  • May 13, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Be in the Moment:

In the constant moving around from the past to the future, we can completely miss the present. Missing the present is one of the easiest things we can do, so easy that no effort is needed for it. All we have to do is simply become busy. Busyness has become our business. If we are not busy, we tend to think that we are wasting our time.

There is something very beautiful about the present moment. The present moment is a door to million possibilities. The present moment is a door to creativity, happiness, love, compassion and service. Only from the present moment can our heart center function. Only from the present moment can we be fully human. Moving constantly between the past and the future we are simply mechanical machines.

Sometimes, there is no other greater virtue than slowing down. We can live our whole lives without ever slowing down and realizing what we have been doing. We can get so busy with life that we can miss life altogether. Yes, if life is an experience that can be had by being in the present moment. It is perfectly possibly to miss life by becoming too busy.

There is a lot of difference between being busy for the sake of being busy and being busy for a certain purpose. Most of us are busy for the sake of being busy. We pretend to be busy just so that people can think that we are doing something useful. What we are doing might be utterly useless, but we still pretend to be busy.

Why have we become like this. The reason is obvious, most of time we are living to impress someone else. We have still not discovered our true purpose and calling, hence we just go on showing people that we are very busy with something. In this way we can fool people very easily, but a day will come when this will fool us instead.

Pay attention to the present moment. Develop a habit of constantly checking with yourself from moment to moment to see if you are in the moment! Otherwise, bring yourself back to the moment. This will save you a lot of time and effort in unnecessary repetitive actions. Most of our time is wasted because we are not able to go beyond the mechanical conditioning of our mind.

Being in the present moment becomes even more important when you are moving towards a particular goal. Being in the moment will save you a lot of time from other unnecessary distractions. For most people, the single biggest problem in moving towards a certain goal is distractions. Being in the present moment will constantly remind you of what needs to be done. It is so easy to be lost in thoughts and forget what needs to be done. Being in the present moment helps you to stay grounded. Give it a tray, it will do wonders for your actions.

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