IASbaba’s 60 Day Plan- UPSC Prelims 2018 General Studies FULL MOCK 1

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  • May 16, 2018
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IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan
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Hello Friends, 

As promised, here we are with the First Full Mock. Before you proceed kindly go through the below suggestions very carefully.

Things to Remember

  • Download the Question paper and take the exam sincerely with a stopwatch by your side.
  • After you are done marking the OMR, take the screenshot of the OMR and upload here in the comment section.
  • Answer Key/Solution will be updated tomorrow morning. So better you solve it by tonight and upload the OMR 
  • Once answer key is uploaded, fill the shared Google form with your score. Scores filled till 7 pm tomorrow will be taken into consideration. Be honest.
  • Rank List and Cut Off- Tomorrow night. 
  • Match your answers and update your score in the google form that will be provided with the release of Answer Key/Solution.

How to increase your productivity in the Mock? Follow this to minimize your negatives?

This is applicable to aspirants who have done decent preparation and are worried about negative marking. This is in no way applicable to aspirants who go on to score 140 Plus every time. They do not need any advice 🙂

  • Glance through the question paper from Question 1 to Question 100 within 10 minutes. Just look at the keywords of the questions without reading the details.
  • Irrespective of the level of the paper, you will be able to confidently solve close to 50 questions for sure (since your preparation is decent)
  • Focus only on those 50 (or more) questions in which you have 100% confidence that X is the answer. Mark them.
  • After finishing all 100 questions through this, count the number of questions that you marked with 100% confidence.
  • If the count is plus 50, you will have more confidence.
  • Remeber that, in those 50 questions, you should not include questions done through elimination or educated guesses. These 50 questions (or more) are the ones, in which you knew the correct answer right away.
  • While going through the second round, you must chalk down the number of questions in which you have no idea. (Nothing means nothing). Leave them as it is.
  • Elimination and educated guess will work in a few questions through which you will get the right answer.

Example- last year, UPSC had asked,

Which of the following are Sun Temples in India and the third option was Omkareshwar Temple? At first glance, this question might seem very tough for many of you. But if you remember that Omkareshwar (OM- Shiva) and hence it cannot be a SUN Temple. By eliminating option-3, you can arrive at the correct answer because out of four, three options had 3 as the number.

Similarly, there are many such questions. So, focus on such questions carefully.

  • Your target should be minimizing negatives. And if the paper seems tough, do not over attempt. With the acquired knowledge and experience, you can solve around 15 plus questions provided using your senses/skills correctly.
  • Yes, many a times senses stop working and you read something else while the question is something else 🙂
  • Be alert while reading the questions. Correct/Incorrect/NOT Correct should be clear to you.
  • If you know more than 70 questions with confidence, go with it 🙂





  • Be honest and upload the OMR sheet in the comment section.
  • Your honesty will let us come up with a correct rank list and cut off.

All the very best!



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