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  • May 5, 2018
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Indo German Relationship


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TOPIC: General Studies 2

  • Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests
  • Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

In News: PM made a last minute stopover in Germany to meet the Chancellor – fairly major indicator of the closeness of the relationship shared with Germany. Germany seems to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to EU. India’s relation, as it gets better with Germany, will help consolidate its position as one of the major players in Asia.

  • Fourth largest economy of the world
  • Major investor in India

Issue of Russia: Russia’s issue with the West is deteriorating. Both India and Germany are on friendly terms with the country. Germany can act as a balancing partner with India, to solve the current diplomatic problems that exist.

Migration: The German Chancellor was courageous to open German borders for refugees when public opinion in Germany did not support it at that time. Her approach has been empathetic, sympathetic and humanitarian.

Beginning of a new chapter of India-Germany relationship

  1. Innovation and democracy: Germany is known across the world for its innovation capability as well as its democratic credentials. Under Modi, innovation has also become one of the top priorities for India and both countries can mutually assist each other in this regard.
  2. Terrorism: India and Germany have established a joint working group on counter-terrorism which has led to critical sharing of intelligence. On the perception of need to fight international terrorism, Germany is supportive of India’s position.

What is currently happening in Afghanistan as well as the reality of Pakistan being a fountainhead of terrorism is also a concern for both the countries. Recently, there have been instances of terrorism on German soil, and PM Modi would want to convince and convey the German leader to take major steps in understanding the root of the problem, and containing it.

  1. Skilling India: German partnership is very important for making Skill India Mission successful. If 800 million youth get skill as per the global standards, then the youth power of India can contribute to India’s development. Germany has set global parameters in skill development which are very apt for India.
  2. Climate Conservation: Both countries are mutually cooperating in climate protection – there is technological and processes commitment for cleaning the polluting industry, which will prove beneficial to our mission of cleaning the Ganges.


In every field of collaboration, India is witnessing an outcome-oriented momentum and a quantum jump in Indo-German economic relationship. But it is important for Germany to understand that India will not be able to open its market completely, especially at the cost of its own manufacturing. German companies should be provided with a conducive environment for investing and producing in India. Only if there is a value addition to the Indian economy, will there exist a win-win situation for both the countries.

Connecting the dots:

  1. India is increasing its bilateral relations with Germany. Critically examine how this relationship is expected to boost India’s strategic and economic interests.
  2. The very fact that Indian interests and German strengths are concurrent is the driving factor for Indo-German ties. Elucidate.
  3. Discuss the role that Germany can play in the expansion of India’s renewable energy share in the total energy mix.

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