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  • June 17, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Believe in Yourself:

It is said that, ‘There is magic in believing in a dream that nobody else sees but you’. Very few of us truly understand the beauty of this line. By the very definition, a dream is something only you can see and pursue, it is not meant to be understood by everybody around you.

Tomorrow is not a fixed reality. Tomorrow doesn’t even exist. It manifests itself entirely based on your dreams and desires. Your dreams and desires of today is what determine the nature of your tomorrow. Don’t let anybody tell you that your dreams are too big and cannot be accommodated by reality.

There is no fixed reality to measure your dreams against. Your dream is your only measuring yardstick of life. Don’t be afraid to dream big and beyond what has already been achieved. Everything man has achieved has happened because somebody once dared to dream.

Everything around you is a product of this dreaming and only those who fully believe in themselves can reach to their dreams. Doubt is a constant companion on the journey of life and only the one who can accept this doubt as a part of reality and move beyond it can truly dream about achieving something different.

Your very dreaming process is the space in which reality manifests itself. Your thoughts become things so be careful about what you dream. A mediocre dream manifests itself as a mediocre life. The kind of thoughts you generate and hold in your mind, determines your tomorrow.

Believing in yourself is not a logical process. It requires a certain amount of madness. If your entire life is perfectly logical and understandable, then know that there is something missing in the process of your dreaming. Life is part logical and part madness. The madness is what will help you to dream big and imagine a life that you want to live.

There are four stages of movement; Instinct, emotion, intelligence and awareness. Believing in yourself will help you to move up this ladder. At the instinct level, you don’t have much control over your dreams and your life. At the emotion level, you have some control. At the level of intelligence your control increases tremendously and eventually when you reach the level of awareness, you can be fully in control of your life.

Only belief in yourself and being aware of what is happening within and around you will help you to regain control over your life and direct it in the direction of your choice. Belief is the fuel that will help you to move forward and this belief is always accompanied by some amount of madness. If your life is not making perfect sense, then know that you are on the right path!

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