Creative Guidance: Book Review – The golden age of zen – John Wu

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  • August 18, 2018
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The Golden Age of Zen : John Wu

This is a classic work that will help you to understand the development of one of the most popular branches of Buddhism – Zen. Zen is not a religion; it is an art of cultivating silence and stillness in your life. Zen is probably the most practical and easy to follow methods of meditation. John explores the development of this stream of knowledge in this beautiful book.

Lots of books have been written about the art of cultivating Zen, this book is special in a way that it will take you to roots of the development of this branch. When you begin to understand the origins of Zen and how it evolved, you will be able to better understand its impact.

The central theme of this book about the essence of all insights will guide you to experience and explore the path of Zen. Although some of the ideas and concepts might seem a little alien to the daily experience of life, quickly you will be able to understand the underlying purpose of Zen.

Life is an absolutely chaotic mess of stress and anxiety if we do not develop the ability to be in the present moment. Zen is all about learning how to be here and now. Explore this wonderful work by John Wu to begin your search for silence and stillness.

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