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  • September 2, 2018
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Beautiful Mind:

We are more critical and rude to ourselves than to anybody else. Just for a moment pause and reflect on how you treat yourself; your mind, your body and your life. You will not be surprised to find out that you don’t treat yourself as well as you can. If there is any one person to whom you have been the rudest, it has to be you.

The reason for this is that your entire focus is on the outside. If your entire life is an attempt to impress someone else, how can you do things that resonate with your inner being? If you are constantly trying to adjust yourself to everything that is happening around you, when will you have time for yourself?

The rudest thing you can do to yourself is not to listen to your inner voice. The rudest thing you can do is ignore your basic needs of happiness, peace, contentment, and simply get lost in a mad race to achieve something. Yes, we all have a purpose in life. We all have to move towards certain goals and desires, but this does not mean that we ignore ourselves in the process.

Unless you make your mind and your body your priority, everything else you achieve in life is useless. Just to give an example; if you tell yourself that for the next few years, you will work towards attaining to a certain goal and then you will take some time off for yourself to exercise and take care of your body, just at the moment of saying this, you have become extremely rude to yourself.

If you decide to postpone taking care of your body, the body will come back to disturb you in ways you cannot even imagine. This is just one example to help us understand our priorities. This is also true with our mind. If we are not spending enough time working on our minds to understand it, eventually our mind will become our biggest disturbance.

The first priority has to be the mind and body. Only a healthy mind and body can move towards achieving its goals. What is the point in losing your mind and body in the process of finding something outside of you? Fortunately, the younger generations is now a lot more health conscious. They are at least willing to take care of their bodies. Although this might be to impress someone else, it still helps.

The whole problem is with the mind. Very few people take time off to assess the situation of their minds. Very few people reflect on their thinking, attitude and behavior. Very few people pay attention to their minds. This is the root cause of stress, anxiety, fear, worry, frustration and depression. When we ignore our minds, we simply become a bundle of problems.

Let us take some time to understand our minds. Let us spend some quiet time every day to simply sit and watch our thought process. Let us make it habit to be with ourselves quietly for a few moments each day. This will tremendously help in understand our minds and dealing with it accordingly. A mind that is clear, sharp and without negativity can achieve anything. Only a beautiful mind can experience a beautiful life.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of The Ahamo Movement and IASBABA.”

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