Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans – Larry Zimmerman

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  • September 20, 2018
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The Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans:

Throughout the world, the indigenous population has suffered immense loss due to the rapid expanding modern landscape of reality. In this sense, modernization is both a boon and a curse. The merciless expansion of our horizons has pushed so many beautiful civilizations to go beneath the horizon, to never ever have the opportunity to surface again.

The Native American story is probably the most painful story about the end of an era of people who called other animals their brothers and sisters. No other race will ever walk on this earth that has had such reverence for life all around it. In his book ‘The Sacred Wisdom of the Native Americans’ Larry Zimmerman explores the native American way of life.

It is a beautiful textual and pictorial representation of the life of the Native American People. Once in a while it is important to take a break from our busy lifestyles to look at life from a new perspective. This book will help you to do just that. Immerse yourself in discovering a way of life that is so connected with nature, the pain of not being able to live that will trouble your soul.

Explore this marvelous book to reconnect with nature, life and existence. Native American’s understand of life was so deep and mysterious that there is a lesson for every modern to learn from their experience of life. This book will surely transport you into a magical land; you would not wish to come back from.

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