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  • May 30, 2019
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Successful Launch of guided Missile Destroyer ‘INS Imphal’


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TOPIC: General Studies 3

  • Defence and Security issues
  • Science and Technology

The Indian Navy on launched its third  state-of-the-art warship – guided missile destroyer as part of its Project 15B, which is aimed at adding state-of-the-art warships to the naval fleet. The launch marks yet another significant milestone in the annals of the indigenous warship design and construction programme of India.

1st: INS Vishakhapatnam

2nd: INS Mormugao

3rd: INS Imphal

4th: INS Porbandar

Project 15B

Project 15B ships feature cutting edge advanced technology and are comparable to the best ships of similar class anywhere in the world. These ships have been designed indigenously by the Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design. With significant indigenous content, these ships are an example of the ‘Make in India’ philosophy.

Design & Specifications

  • Each warship spans 163 metres in length and 17.4 metres at beam, and displaces 7300 tonnes.
  • These ships will be propelled by four gas turbines to achieve speeds in excess of 30 knots.
  • The P15B destroyers incorporate new design concepts for improved survivability, sea keeping, stealth and ship manoeuvrability.
  • Enhanced stealth features have been achieved through shaping of hull and use of radar transparent deck fitting, which make these ships difficult to detect.
  • P 15B ships will be equipped to carry and operate two multiple role helicopters. The ships are packed with an array of state-of-the-art weapons and sensors, including multi-functional surveillance radars and vertically launched missile system for long-distance engagement of shore, sea-based and air targets.

How does Indian Navy name its vessels?

The new Visakhapatnam-class destroyer INS Imphal is the first Indian Navy ship to be named after a city in the Northeast.

  • The name ‘INS Imphal’ was chosen to commemorate the Indian soldiers who fought the 1944 Battle of Imphal and Kohima during the Second World War.
  • A memorial in the middle of Manipur’s capital city Imphal stands proof of the bloody war between the invading Japanese forces and the allied army.

The Internal Nomenclature Committee (INC) at the Ministry of Defence is responsible for naming ships and submarines. The Assistant Chief of Naval Staff heads the INC, and other members include representatives from the historical section of the ministry and the archaeology department of the human resource development ministry.

It is a tradition to name the ships and submarines after the various aspects of the Indian republic. Naming ships in this fashion allows them to address the diversity of India.

To maintain uniformity among vessels of a certain type, the INC adheres to certain policy guidelines. For instance, aircraft carriers get abstract names, frigates are named after mountain ranges, rivers or weapons, and corvettes are named after personal arms.

Destroyers: All the destroyers of the Indian Navy are named after important cities, or historical Indian warriors, or rivers.

Frigates and cruisers: Both the frigates and cruisers are named after mountain ranges, rivers or personal weapons.

Submarine fleet: The submarines of the Indian Navy are named after predatory fish or abstract names associated with the ocean. India’s nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine is called INS Arihant, and belongs to the Arihant class. The nuclear-powered attack submarine is called INS Chakra and belongs to the Chakra class.


India’s only active aircraft carrier that belongs to the Kiev class: INS Vikramaditya

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