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  • May 19, 2019
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Science of Success:

Success is not a destination. It is a path one takes to live a complete and fulfilling life. True success is defined by our clear understanding of life and how we face its daily challenges. In this sense, more than anything else, success is a mindset.

Success is not just a process of pursuing and accomplishing a goal; it is a way of living itself. One has to first cultivate a successful mindset to be able to reach to any kind of success in this fast-paced constantly-changing life.

So what is a successful mindset?

A successful mindset begins with a crystal clear understanding that success has very little to do with what is happening on the outside. A successful mindset begins with the understanding that we always succeed or fail within us.

Of course, our mind rejects this idea completely, because it is always looking for an external reason to blame our failures and shortcomings on. A successful mindset is all about accepting personal responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives.

Once the responsibility is accepted, the blame game stops and the real process of perfecting our minds and bodies begin. When we try to understand the lives of successful people, one of the most important things we fail to understand is the mindset that led to that success. We pay too much attention to external details and forget the thing that matters the most.

Success is all about understanding, controlling and directing our minds and bodies in a desired direction. We should have great control over our minds and bodies to be able to succeed at anything. This is where people get differentiated.

While a few constantly work on their minds and bodies and perfect their inner success mechanism, most approach success haphazardly and end up becoming confused, overwhelmed and lost.

A systematic and scientific approach of understanding our mind and body is a must to succeed at anything. Without a clear guided approach, our success is simply left to chance.

There is very little we can learn by studying the lives of successful people. Most successful people are not even aware of the internal process that helped them to succeed. A successful person can at the most talk about his chosen field of success. He cannot teach you the absolute fundamentals of success.

With so many people running the race, it is obvious that a few will end up at the top. This is purely coincidental and circumstantial. We cannot succeed simply by studying the lives of successful people. Real success is all about getting the fundamentals right and ensuring that we don’t leave our success to chance.

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