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  • August 18, 2019
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Creative Thinking:

One of the greatest tools we all possess as human beings is our ability to think. At the same time since everybody thinks, it does offer any unique advantage unless one is willing to learn, unlearn, relearn and alter the process of thinking. In this sense, thinking is not power, thinking about thinking in the right way is!

Is there any right way of thinking? If there is, then what is it? Certainly there can be right and wrong way of thinking. To give a simple example, positive thinking is good and negative thinking is obviously bad. There is no arguing about the benefits of positive thinking, we all know it.

So we know that there are different types of thinking, some good and some bad. There is positive and negative thinking, there is thinking focused on the past and thinking focused on the future, there is thinking about your strengths and thinking about your weakness, there is thinking about success and worrying about failure. Above all this one of the most advanced way of thinking is ‘thinking creatively’

Firstly, what is creativity? Creativity is the very process of creation. Creativity is not any isolated department of life. Creativity is the energy through which existence creates. It is an effortless form of creation. What is the fundamental difference between nature creating and a human being creating? The fundamental difference is in the effort involved.

While nature creates without any effort man has to put in a lot of effort to create. This is mainly because we have forgotten that we are also a part of nature and the creative force that is flowing through us is the same force through which even nature is creating. When we forget that we are the source of our creativity, everything we create becomes an effort.

Now back to creative thinking. Creative thinking is an approach to life where you truly believe that your thinking is a part of existence and it is simply happening through you. In this understanding, you don’t create thoughts rather existence creates it for you. All you do is acknowledge a thought. Seriously, think about this for a minute. Is it really possible for you to create a thought?

We never create a thought. A thought happens and we simply acknowledge it. Throughout the day we have countless thoughts but we only remember a handful of them. Creative thinking is knowing fully that your thoughts are a part of the existential process and there is absolutely no effort involved in generating them.

When you let go of the effort of thinking, it becomes a lot easier to let go of thoughts that are not useful for your progress. The single biggest problem with us is, just because we think that we have created a thought and it belongs to us, we find it very difficult to let go of it. When we acknowledge the fact that thoughts simple happen, just like the movement of clouds, it becomes a lot easier to pick and choose thoughts that are beneficial for us. This way of thinking without thinking is creative thinking!

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Meditation Farm and IASBABA.

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