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  • September 1, 2019
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Out of the box thinking:

How often have we heard people talk about the importance of out of the box thinking and yet how often have we actually given it any serious consideration. We know that there is such a thing called as out of the box thinking – people talk about it as a way of problem solving and yet why is it that we know so little about how exactly it works.

Whatever the reason might be for us to ignore the concept of out of the box thinking, we cannot deny its usefulness. Out of the box thinking is more important than we think it is. It helps us to get out of difficult situations, it helps us to understand life better, it helps us to break out of fixed limiting mindsets, and it helps us to solve important problems and so much more.

So let us see what exactly is out of the box thinking. Well, the fact is almost all our thinking is sought of out of the box. We have fixed boxes of ideas, which we use to pull out ideas from. The box is made up of our emotions, circumstances, people etc. There is really no independent thought process, all our thoughts are based on a particular situation and context.

When all our thinking is out of the box, there is a particular type of thinking that can be categorized as out of the box thinking. It is the ability to completely disassociate oneself from the situation and circumstances around and re-look at a problem or a situation by using the power of imagination.

Imagination is the key differentiating factor between ordinary thinking and out of the box thinking. While everybody, including some of the famous scientists of his time was thinking in a fixed and narrow way, Einstein was able to think out of the box and that is what made him a genius. The difference between ordinary thinking and out of the box thinking is the difference between everybody else and Einstein.

Some of the greatest minds of the world have used the power of imagination to re-imagine a situation to find solutions nobody else was able to see. Most often we are simply unable to see solutions because we are blinded by our circumstances and conditioning. Out of the box thinking by using imagination helps you to go beyond all conditioning and apply a thought purely to solve problems, sometimes unsolvable problems even.

Out of the box thinking can be used in handling relationships, managing work, solving problems, be creative and inventive, and so much more. In its simplest sense, out of the box thinking is creative thinking by using the power of imagination. When people had hardly contemplated on the properties of light, Einstein used his power of imagination to travel on a light particle and look at reality from a completely different perspective. That ability to say let me see what might happen if I travel on a light particle at the speed of light! – Now that is pure genius, or rather simply out of the box thinking.

All great inventions have come about mainly because of an individual’s ability to think out of the box. It is one of the greatest skills you can possess. If you feel you are stuck in life and you are unable to do certain things, try and step away from the circumstance, clear out your mind and re-imagine the problem completely. More often than not, out of the box thinking will give you the solutions you are looking for.

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